6 Potent Ways To Achieve An Astral Projection Right Now

For centuries people have been astral projecting, it has even been documented by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks as being a method to experience something beyond our physical realm. But it may not be what you think it is, common use of the words often get misinterpreted and believe me there has been a major difference between astral projection and an out of body experience.

Astral projection is a projection of consciousness that elevates the traveler to the astral plane, that is not locally found in familiar or common places such as your bedroom, home or office. When travelling the astral plane, you encounter multiple dimensions of reality that are unfamiliar and unknown places that include planets, as well as free travel alike travelling through space like a shooting star. The farther a person travels, fewer beings the soul encounters.

Then, there are other more common astral projections that include unfamiliar planes of reality that resemble our current dimension and yet, are an alternate version of reality.

The first out-of-body experience, followed by an astral travel will open your mind and illuminate the senses leaving the seeker thirsting for knowledge and understanding. It is important to remember to be careful, never let your guard down; before you venture into the astral plane, make sure you are protected and vibrating at a high frequency. Always ask your guides, angels, and your “God” if you have one to protect you. Be safe and Have Fun!

Relax and Consciously Control Your Dream

Relax the mind and body. You may choose to meditate or perform a series of deep breaths. In and out, SLOWLY. Make sure to inhale deep and that your breaths are not shallow.

Take full advantage of the moment in the morning when you are just waking up. When you realize you are waking, before you allow yourself to become awake opening your eyes, allowing your consciousness to fully return to your physical self, stay in limbo. Use this moment to draw upon what you were dreaming about and allow it to reprocess in your mind.

It might be to your advantage to set an alarm for yourself and wake 3-4 in the morning, this is when our dream state is most active in deep sleep. Do this often and it will train your brain in preparation from splitting your consciousness.

Get into a Hypnotic State

After you feel completely relaxed, you need to enter a hypnotic state where your mind is at the edge of sleep, no further. Lie down and focus on an object, stare at it until you can visualize it perfectly even with your eyes closed.

Deeper State of Relaxation

With your eyes closed you are still visualizing your chosen object, but now you can look around with your eyes closed.

After a period of time, you may see light patterns dance across your eyes. Ignore them and they will go away. Once they are gone you have entered a deeper state of relaxation. You will be so relaxed you will no longer be inside your physical body, and it will be time to move on.


When we imagine different scenarios or objects in our minds, whether it be a worry or a fantasy, we transmit a brain wave frequency. This has been monitored using EEG technology and each wave sent out holds its own vibration. This is the most vital step, and if you are new to this it will take longer to achieve. Depending upon the potency of the thought and whether it is a positive or negative. Positive thoughts hold a higher vibration and negative thought hold a lower vibration. When you begin to feel the vibrations, your astral body has begun to leave your physical body. Acknowledge it and feel the vibrations.

Focus on the vibrations as they travel through you. Using willpower, control them with your mind. Try to control the frequency, stopping and starting them.

The Cord

Imagine there is a cord or rope hanging above you; without opening your eyes or moving your physical body, visualize yourself reaching up towards the rope. Once you manage to grab hold, bring your hand back down into your physical self, slow the vibrations, end the session.

Whole Body

Now that you have mastered partial separation, you are ready to try the whole body. Repeat the steps, but don’t stop at a hand. Imagine the other hand coming out of your physical body and reaching for the rope. Slowly pace hand over hand on the rope as if you are pulling yourself up.

You will feel dizzy at this point and the vibrations will buzz at a higher frequency. People will often feel paralyzed at this point, may shrink back into their physical bodies, and concentrate on your climbing. Do not stop until you feel your entire self-separating from your body.

You will find yourself hovering over your body at this point, happy travels. Have fun, but proceed with caution.


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