6 Signs You’re With A Good Man

In most cases, only the test of time itself can show you if you have found the right person to spend your life with. However, in some cases, there are simple signs that your partner can give that will show their true character.

With that being said, we have compiled a list of relationship based characteristics that any good man should have.

1. He is NEVER Abusive


Good men will never physically attack you in any scenario. Even when big issues arise, like cheating or lying, a good man knows that sometimes it is best to just walk away. Why? Because a good man knows that it is never okay to physically hurt a woman unless it is in self-defense.

Domestic abuse is a big deal, and many women fall victim to it each and everyday, which is an even greater reason for it to be known that good men don’t hurt the ones they love. This is why a good man can keep his cool, compose himself, and work things out the right way.

2. He is Always Supportive

Good men are emotionally supportive. Despite the fact that they may not fully understand the goals or needs of his woman, a good man will continue to stand by your side until you make it through to the other side. In the meantime, he will continue to help you in reaching your goals, while motivating you with loving positivity.

At the same time, a good man will know when your goals are likely to cause you harm and will encourage you to take a different path.

3. He Makes You Feel Safe


To a good man, it is his job to ensure your safety. A good man knows that protection and security are what makes him the man in your relationship.

He will ensure that you know you are safe with him by always being willing to stand up for you, or look out for your safety. No matter if it is by physically protecting you, or by protecting you from situations that harm you emotionally.

4. He is Honest

Good men don’t cheat. No matter what the situation is, or who the woman is, it doesn’t matter to a good man. On the same hand, a good man will not lie or steal from you, or really anyone. If it has been done to him, which it probably has, he knows how painful it is to be the victim of dishonesty, and he wouldn’t subject you to that same pain.

5. He is Selfless


Many people confuse selflessness with money. While it is important to not be stingy in a relationship, it is also important to realize how some men use gifts to bribe you into believing in their selflessness.

A good man is selfless in all aspects of your relationship, and his selflessness doesn’t end when he believes he has you reeled in. He waits for you to make plans, and includes you in many of his most important decisions.

6. He Makes His Partner Feel Good About Themselves

If a man displays all of the listed before character traits, their partner is sure to feel loved and special. By putting you first, providing emotional support, and never lying to you, he is telling you that you mean everything to him.

With the world full of cruel, selfish, and unsupportive men, his goal is to make you know just how important that you are to him. He wants you to see that good person, especially good men because he is one, do exist in this world.

Of course, some men display good traits and bad traits, that is just being human. However, there are some traits or actions that can show a man’s true colors. If a man strives to do good, and to make you feel loved, he is a good man, more likely than not. The list that we composed is a pretty accurate depiction of someone who is in it for the long haul, as well as someone who will make you happy.


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