6 Tips to Beat Cravings and Eat Higher Vibration Food

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Want to super charge your vibration, increase your health and bring your body, mind, and energy back into balance?  Then you need to start by eating higher vibrational foods.

You will be shocked by how good you feel after only a few days of eating healthy food.  Your mind will be more clear and you will find it easier to balance your thoughts and emotions.  Meditation will be easier and your energy practices will be much more simple when you are filling your life with higher vibrational foods.

Here are 6 tips that we have found that have transformed our lives and made conscious living easier and more meaningful.

1. Cook your food– One of the biggest ways to transform your life and ease your transition into eating higher vibrational foods is to home cook your meals.  Avoid the frozen and premade foods out of a box or bag.  Invest in a good cutting board and set of chopping knives.  Find some simple recipes and start eating at home.

You would be surprised how this simple step can greatly transform your whole food experience.  Not only will you eat healthier ingredients but you will also develop a greater connection to the foods that you prepare.  Focus on good thoughts and pour your love into every meal.  Your energy sensitive friends and family will actually taste a difference and find that they have much more energy when you meditate while you cook.

2. Avoid Lower Vibration Food- When you are shopping and picking out your foods try going to farmers markets or growing your own food.  Sugar, white grains, dairy, and most meats will create a heavy feeling and pull your energy down.  Many of these foods are actually addictive and will be craved during times of stress.

As you avoid the lower virbational foods you will notice after a few days that your tastes begin to change.  Your body is actually detoxing from the lower vibrations and your sensitivity and enjoyment of healthy foods will increase.  After about a week your simple foods, such as salads, will be much more filling and the subtle flavors will be easy to taste and enjoy.  Sugar and Dairy dull the senses and after being away from them you will notice that you no longer like how your body feels when you ingest them.

Revised-Seal-copy3. Avoid GMO’s– There are many genetically modified foods that have not been thoroughly tested and have caused major problems in humans and animals.  We need to be aware of the foods we are consuming.  Even if we are eating foods that appear healthy we need to make sure that they are from fair trade and conscious sources.

The more sensitive your energy becomes the more you will be able to feel if the food you are consuming came from a good source or not.  Little details such as grown with love will make a huge difference to you.

4. Focus on Alkaline– Many of the foods we enjoy eating are acidic.  They have a PH that brings our body out of balance and can make it easier for viruses and bacteria to take root and pull our immune system down.  Long term acidic diets can cause damage to the body and may even lead to cancer.

The best way to avoid this is to make sure that most of your foods are Alkaline.  You may be surprised what is and isn’t acidic.  Pay close attention to the nuts that you consume because not all of them are good for you.  Check out this chart below and do what you can to keep your eating on the right side of the chart as much as possible.


labels5- Eat Organic– When you are picking out veggies and fruit there is a great trick to ensure that what you are buying was grown pesticide free and is going to be full of the nutrients that your body needs in order to maintain a higher vibration.

Just pay attention to the numbers on the label.  It doesn’t matter what store you go to the numbers are always going to be the same.  4011 is a regular banana weather you are in Mexico or in New York.

The trick is to find and stick to the foods that have 5 digits and the first number is a 9.  The 9 series is certified organic.


6.  Beat Cravings by Knowing what Your Body Needs– While you are still transitioning it is normal to experience cravings for foods that your body is addicted to.  Especially during times of stress or during various cycles it is normal to want to eat fried, salty or sugary foods.

Try mindfulness meditation, being present, and observing your feelings so you can find out if your eating is emotional or physical.  If you find that it is a physical need then try using the chart below to fill your body’s actual need.

One of my favorite substitutes for fried, salty, or crunchy foods is to cook up some kale.  It may seem simple but a little extra virgin olive oil and some kale in a pan can redirect some powerful cravings without pulling me down into a lower vibration.


What have you found that helps you eat consciously, keep your vibration high, and redirect your cravings?  Let us know in the comments below and thank you for reading.


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