6 Ways to Feel Better Right Now


Some of you feel afraid, and want it all to stop because you want to return to a place of peace, or tranquility and love. Or you want nothing, to block it all out. But understand this: there is not an end, but only transformation. There is no stopping, because you are energy moving and flowing. What you can do right now, if you would like to experience peace is to create it. When you don’t know where to go, or what to do because you feel so lost, there are a few gentle ways to get back into focus. Allow yourself to have space and do the following.


1. Music
Find some meditative music, something calm and relaxing. Music will instantly elevate your mood and gently lift your vibration. Music has the power to remind you and your body of magical places its known before, and these will also help to lift you into a better feeling place.

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2. Incense and Perfume

You are already on your way to feeling better. You might even want to light some incense and let your awareness drift into that place of wonder within you. Good smells can vastly distract you from the emotional distress you were feeling by reminding your brain about the times it has been happy. The good smells trigger your memory automatically. In addition if you are using incense, you are clearing the negative energy that might be in your space. Try to take deep breaths if you can, and allow yourself to relax if relaxation comes to you.

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3. Pay Attention & Listen

You don’t have to be in meditation, but take this time to allow your body to speak to you. Feel what it is like to be in your body by scanning it mentally and noticing the sensations, images or feelings that come up when you focus on certain areas. You don’t have to solve whatever comes up, but notice it and send this area love. If you want to you can say to it: “I understand, I love you and its ok to be, I love you.” Next you may want to listen to your intuition, your higher self, and ask it a question. Whatever you get, channel it into something. If feelings of self-hate come up, then refuse to give in to them. Say: No not now, and have a firm intention of caring for yourself.

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4. Find Inspiration
Visit a Facebook page you love such as Abraham Hicks or YouTube channels you enjoy such as SoulSpot or Akashic Light Healing. I know it sounds cliché but you can pick anything you like, as long as it’s something that motivates you. Even if you don’t feel like it, just click on the pages you know inspire you and start looking for the positive messages, for the images that make you feel something. You could also go on Pinterest and find images of the things you look forward to having or doing one day or pick up a good book.

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5. Know that wherever you are, it’s ok to be you.

Its ok to feel whatever you are feeling. Feelings are just letting you know whether your thoughts are aligned with your truth. It is just energy passing through, and you are not that. You are outside of circumstance. Your Soul is having a human experience and soon enough you will realign to yourself, like a magnet. It is unavoidable to have emotions because it is part of human life and you came here to experience the glory of it all. You were drawn here by the beauty of the flames, of the chaos, and the love that lies beneath all the things we can’t clearly see, only sense. You chose to be here, and even if you regret that choice at times and all you have to do to feel better here is simply allow yourself to be you. You crave “home” because it is where your essence can be understood and loved. You remember that. You can have that feeling here if you just allow yourself to be who you truly are and stop using everyone’s else’s opinions about you to judge yourself.


6. Do what you love.

The next activity you do should be a reflection of you. In general, what brings you joy? Do that. If you like to paint, to draw, to make music or to take photographs, do it. If you like to exercise, get out there even if you have to make it a light workout. Perhaps its cooking, or spending time with a close friend. Give yourself permission to do what you love, regardless of anyone else’s opinion. You are caring for yourself by kind to yourself.

Everyone feels sad and lost at some point, but that’s ok. Just sit with the emotions, let them out, and sooner than later if your intention is to bounce back to happy, you will. I may have not met you yet, but I know that without you this Earth would feel less complete. Please know that you matter. You are a unique piece of all that exists. You carry within a unique memory experience of the collective consciousness and the world needs you. We need you more than ever to express the truth of who you are. Without you here, the picture is incomplete. You have forgotten who you are far too long and the memory of your real self cries out to live! The life you know you are meant to experience awaits you. Now is the time to remember.








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