7 Great smartphone apps that will help unlock your spiritual self


We all lead busy lives and despite this we are ever increasingly becoming more and more interested in awakening our spiritual selves.  However, if you don’t have the time to meditate for 2 hours a day or to check in with your local guru, here is a list of 7 helpful smartphone apps to get you floating down that spiritual path, be in on the bus, train or while you’re on your lunchbreak. Best of all some of them are free and all of them are available on both iOS and Android devices.

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  • Omvana – Free (with paid upgrades)

This app is designed for people who have little time to meditate or are interested in getting started.  In their words: “Omvana, the world’s most powerful meditation platform allows you to transcend your human limits. With the largest collection of meditations, Omvana has the right track for you regardless if you are spiritual or not.”  Omvana’s collection of meditations are designed to assist with everything from Inspiration, Focus, Relaxation & Sleep.

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  • Buddhify – $6.49

For the more serious meditators, buddhify claims to be the “most convenient, best value and most beautiful meditation app available today. Helping people around the world reduce stress, sleep better & be present in the midst of it all.”

  • Nightstand – Free (with paid upgrades)

Not specifically marketed as a spirituality app, Nightstand is quite possibly the most beautiful alarm clock in the app store. It includes everything an alarm clock featuring relaxing music, to customisable wallpapers and a lullaby function.  Personally, I always feel more optimistic and in tune with my spiritual self after a good night’s sleep.

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  • Self Healing – Free (with paid upgrades)

As one would guess by the name, this app is designed to assist with self healing. According to the app’s website, Self Healing aids relaxation and healing via voice guided sessions developed by professionals. There are 7 methods that users can choose from, including Prayers, Crystal healing, Mantras and Touch all accompanied by relaxing music. The app also works in offline mode, so you can heal yourself (and others) while you go about your day.

  • New Age Number – Free (with paid upgrades)

This is a fun app if you are interested in Numerology and life path numbers.  Simply enter in your date of birth to instantly discover your ‘core numbers’ such as your birthday number and the all important life path number.  Once you enter your details, you also have access to their compatibility reports, where you can test the compatibility with your partner or friends.  New Age Number also offers personal guides (at an additional cost) and has a popular website and news items all with a numerology twist.

  • Daily Horoscope – Free

If horoscope are more your thing, then Daily Horoscope is for you. Not only can it give you a daily astrological, Chinese and druid horoscope reading,  it can deliver the following day’s reading to you automatically.  You can also check out the reading for the year customise the app’s colours and fonts, check compatibilities and read the characteristics of every zodiac.  Simply choose your sign, set your desired notification time and off you go! Instant advice from the skies.

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  • YouTube – Free

Again this may be a strange inclusion, being the world’s most used video platform, but that is exactly why its great for awakening your spiritual self.  YouTube has a plethora of meditation videos, ‘how to’ videos, yoga instruction videos, the choice is endless.  Not only is there a world of content literally at your fingertips, you can save and subscribe to your favourite channels, who more often than not, have daily/weekly updates.  This is perfect for commuting, discovering new things, or to research a subject that you are perhaps a little embarrassed to ask your ‘guru’ friends (if you’re just starting out on the spiritual path) Best of all, when YOU become the expert, you have a perfect platform just waiting on your smartphone, that allows you to share your gifts with the world.

Our recommendations? The SoulSpot and Spirit Science channels.

Happy Apping!


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