7 of the Most Powerful Synchronistic Moments That You Should Not Ignore

Synchronicities can simply be defined as meaningful coincidences: they defy natural explanation because their timing is just too convenient, and also because they seem to solve problems on so many different fronts. Many people believe that synchronicities are the language or the articulation of the Universe; all of us should listen, hear, and implement this guidance, for the benefit of ourselves as individuals, and for the benefit of our planet, our galaxy, and our Universe as a whole.

#1: Recurring, repeated numbers.

We’ve all probably noticed the same series of numbers seemingly popping up everywhere at one time or another. However, figuring out what they mean—or how to use them to your advantage—is a far more difficult thing to deduce. But there are many stories which argue said numbers have led to great riches or insights, so keep keeping an eye out: each repeating number could very well be a message from a spirit guide.

#2: Meeting extremely old friends “by chance.”

This is bound to happen over the course of your lifetime, but try to figure out if there’s any reason for these unexpected meetings when they occur: it could benefit you (or both of you)—the Universe does not deliver people or things to us without good reason.

#3: Meeting someone new at precisely the right time.

Similarly to #2, try to let these people know what you have going on in your life, and try to uncover what is going on in their lives (we all need a little help from both old and new friends). And, again, the Universe does not send these resources to us unnecessarily.

#4: Unexpectedly receiving a gift that you’ve silently wanted for years.

Although a little spooky, everyone loves it when this happens. Moreover, it feels even better (and spookier!) if the person says that they thought of you as soon as they saw said gift.

#5: Perfect timing in general.

This usually happens when you are on your true journey in life: things are easier and more enjoyable as a result.

#6: Eureka! moments.

It’s difficult and sometimes impossible to devise a perfect solution for a problem immediately. However, if you give problems close, meaningful thought right away, your mind will often keep searching for a solution even when you’re not conscious of it. Eventually, this can equate to a Eureka! moment.

#7: Mysteriously getting a call, text, or email from someone you’re thinking about.

Obviously, the more often you think about different people, the more often this will occur. Yet, if said calls, texts, or emails turn out to be especially beneficial, it’s could be a sign of synchronicity.

#8: Telepathically willing a song to play on the radio.

This is just plain cool, but if it happens to you quite frequently, please—be careful what else you wish for in life: the Universe may be less apt to provide for you if it feels as though you are abusing its gifts.

For more intriguing Universal synchronicities, hacks, or insights, checkout the video below.


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here


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