7 Ways Spiritual People Can Bullsh*t Themselves (And The Cure)

Who’s more in alignment with their path of spiritual evolution?

  • A person sitting in a lotus position, taking deep breaths and in perfect composure?
  • Or a person curled up in a ball, crying hysterically?

If we base ourselves on everything we have learned from “new age” philosophies and most spiritual teachings out there, I think it’s fair to say that the person meditating wins. He appears peaceful, at ease and above negative emotions. Now I’m not about to “shock” you and say that the truth is actually the opposite. What I’m actually getting at is that image is just that: an image.

This is why:

Even the most peaceful, composed and “spiritually correct” person in the world can be completely out of alignement with their spiritual path… even less than someone who isn’t into spirituality at all. How come? Well… because of our tendency to lie to ourselves. I am currently in the process of cleaning out my own BS and let me tell you:

No amount of sophisticated spiritual jargon has been able to aid my evolution more than an honest look at my raw, vulnerable self.

P.S. I don’t mean to say that all spiritual people bullsh*t themselves. These are simply traps that I have noticed are common in the spiritual community and I myself have fallen for a couple of them!


 1. I Have To Feel Good And Stay Positive All The Time

Translation: I’m scared sh*tless of feeling pain.

This belief is quite common among the “positive thinking” community. Now there is nothing wrong with thinking positively, but using the power of thought to gloss over any surfacing negative emotions is one of the biggest blocks to our spiritual growth. Why? Because what our souls actually desire is to become whole again. And this means reuniting with all fragmented aspects of ourselves (fears, negative emotions/beliefs, past traumas) we have dissociated from so that we may heal and transform them.

Newsflash: That’s NOT going to happen if we continually avoid, suppress and keep them at bay. It’s not going to happen if we perceive them as enemies and invaders. The truth is, each and every painful emotion that is surfacing in our lives is a child in distress. And when we suppress them, it is as if we purposely lock this child self into a room, forcing it to relive a trauma alone and behind closed doors while we look the other way. In other words, it is self-abuse.

“The only thoughts and emotions you can heal, are the ones you let yourself feel and express. Life is like a magnifying glass. It reflects old pain and conflicts which are unhealed over and over again until that pain and conflict is healed.” – Teal Swan

Being completely emotionally honest with myself is the greatest challenge I’ve ever had – and still have to face. It is to put myself right into the very emotions I have spent my whole life shielding myself from feeling again. But I have a choice between avoiding myself and repeating old traumatic cycles in my adult life… or loving, learning from and healing all parts of me so that I can live a life true to my greatest potential. I choose growth!

P.S. If there was really something wrong about feeling all ranges of emotions… your soul wouldn’t have chosen to incarnate in a body capable of feeling them all!

2. I Behave Spiritually, Therefore I Am Growing Spiritually!

Translation #1: I’m not brave enough to explore the darker depths of my being. So I’ll just repeat “love n’ light!”

Many spiritual people believe that a “spiritual” behavior is all that is required to be on the “spiritual” path; that if you say loving words, follow spiritual principles and act like Jesus, you’re pretty much enlightened. Well… let me just say that the most emotionally wounded and ‘in-denial-about-it’ people I have ever met had a very strong spiritual ethic and personality. I know because I have been one of them.

Spiritual people often fall into the trap of using their understanding of spiritual concepts to feel like they are above emotions and duality. This defeats the whole purpose of our soul, which is to learn from emotions and duality through ones own felt experience – not just through theory!

“Spiritual Bypassing: A term first coined by author John Welwood. The spiritual bypass is the tendency to jump to spirit prematurely, usually in an effort to avoid various aspects of earthly reality (practical challenges, unresolved emotions and memories). The bypass has many symptoms- the starry-eyed bliss trip, radical detachment from one’s self-identifications, premature forgiveness, ungrounded behaviors, wish-full thinking etc.” – Jeff Brown

There is a purpose and lesson behind every emotion and feeling, and simply adjusting and focusing on our behavior is pulling us away from where our greatest learning is.

3. I Use Self-Conviction To Make Me Feel Like I’m On The Right Path

Translation: I’d rather live through the safe stories I tell myself than trust my intuition.

Have you ever noticed yourself going over-kill with grand speeches and declarations of why something is right (or wrong) for you, whether it be a “twin flame,” a job or a new year’s resolution? Now that doesn’t mean it must necessarily be wrong for you, just like it doesn’t mean it must be right. It just means that using self-conviction is a process of mental rationalization, not of intuition.

When we do this, we are much more likely to fool ourselves into what is out of alignment with who we are. No big deal though, because following through on a choice that is out of alignment will eventually teach us that we are better off trusting and being honest with our intuition and feelings; a lesson that usually gets learned once our illusion crashes.

Many times, I have convinced myself of things to make me feel “good” about a decision/situation. And many times, I have screwed myself. So I now do my best to follow my intuition instead of getting lost in my mind! The best part is; when we stop fooling ourselves, we not only stop fooling others; we become immune to others attempts to fool us.

“Our lives improve only when we take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” – Walter Anderson

The tricky part is that sometimes, our intuition leads us directly towards a choice that would make us face a fear or difficult emotion. That’s why following our intuition often times requires courage. Although I promise you… the maturity, wisdom, alignment and freedom gained from following it is always worth it in the end!

“You get your intuition back when you make space for it, when you stop the chattering of the rational mind.” – Anne Lamott

4. I Preach When I Feel On Top Of My Game, But Blame When Triggered

Translation: I’ve got Issues.

We reaaaaaally need to get off our high horses, or should I say “spiritual unicorns.” Sure, it may make us look wise and majestic for a while, but at what cost? At the cost of not ACTUALLY evolving. It prevents us from truly growing and maturing from the inside out. Now it doesn’t mean we can’t offer valuable wisdom even if we still deal with personal issues. But we shouldn’t wear our spiritual insights like a badge, only to resist growth when it’s our turn to feel vulnerable. 

We should actually embrace it when our foundation gets shaken. Many of us think we must fight to stay on our comfortable throne, yet little expansion and joy exists there. True expansion and joy exists when where we embrace the fact that our vulnerability connects us all.

We’re all human, we’re all vulnerable. Imagine how warm, compassionate and friendly this world would be if we weren’t so busy hiding, suppressing and feeling shame for the things we all learn and go through! In such a reality, anyone acting preachy and denying their own vulnerability would actually be the odd ones.

Being transparent is scary, I know. But the RIGHT people will LOVE you for being real, for being you. It’s always the wrong people that love you for your image.

5. I Use Spiritual Perspectives To Bypass Human Emotions (THIS ONE IS KEY!)

Translation: I want to get to my destination quickly and bruise free. I resist and devalue the journey towards it.

This is something I’ve done quite a bit, and with the best intention. Of course I want to remind myself that everything happens for a reason when I feel hurt and heartbroken after a difficult breakup. Of course I want to remind myself that every soul is made of love when I believe that I shouldn’t feel anger or rage towards someone who has betrayed me. But this is a HUGE problem among the spiritual community: the belief in shoulds and shouldnt’s when it comes to emotions. The belief that anger, fear and grief aren’t as much a part of our spiritual progression as feelings of love and transcendence.

The thing is, we actually ARE headed towards a state of consciousness where we can feel the beauty and value of every challenge and every soul. BUT every single one of the emotions that come up along the way are to be valued as stepping stones that each contain a valuable lesson designed to bring us closer to that state.

“Anger is a river. It wants to be released into the vaster ocean. It wants to move naturally. When we repress it with premature forgiveness, block it with false positivity, repress it in the name of pseudo-peace, we just dam(n) our natural flow. The river then turns inward, against the self, or explodes outwardly, against innocents. Better we express it when it is in our awareness – not in a way that is destructive to humanity – but in a way that is authentic and that restores the integrity of our being. Anger isn’t the enemy. Misplaced anger is. Let the river flow…” – Jeff Brown

The truth is: anger, fear and grief can be amazing catalysts for change and transformation when embraced. For example, anger is a very potent energy to get you moving and clear up the clutter in your life, whether it be toxic people, situations or limiting beliefs. Once you have made the appropriate changes, you no longer need it and can move to a higher vibration. Fear points you to another layer of your being that needs peeling so that you may experience greater freedom past it. It shows you where your growth is. Grief thrusts us into our deepest wounds of separation so that we may find ourselves again. It has the power to shatter our illusions and reconnect us with what truly matters.

So go ahead and feel it all! You are not alone in this.

“Real shadow work does not leave us intact; it is not some neat and tidy process, but rather an inherently messy one, as vital and unpredictably alive as birth. The ass it kicks is the one upon which we are sitting; the pain it brings up is the pain we’ve been fleeing most of our life; the psychoemotional breakdowns it catalyzes are the precursors to hugely relevant breakthroughs; the doors it opens are doors that have shown up year after year in our dreams, awaiting our entry. Real shadow work not only breaks us down, but breaks us open.” – Sera Beak, Red Hot and Holy

6. I Can Talk/Read About Spiritual Growth All Day, Yet Avoid Using My Own Life As My Teacher

That’s kind of like reading a bunch of video game strategy guides… but never actually playing. The actual fun, the “levelling up” and the progression happens as you play it! 

Many spiritual people understand the mechanics of personal and spiritual growth like the back of their hands. I’m pretty knowledgable about it myself. I know that we create our own reality, that life is literally a reflection of the thoughts, emotions and energy we put out and I even know the science behind it. So it’s sort of ironic that I still manage to remove myself from this equation, believe myself to be a victim of circumstances and slip into a passive attitude towards my life, ignoring my own guidance and cues to move forward. This usually happens when I forget that my life itself IS my purpose and mirrors what is necessary for me to evolve.

Our lives are meant to be lived, our feelings are meant to be felt and our challenges are meant to be learned from. All of our experiences – internal and external – are like quests in a video game, designed to bring us to the next level. Let’s play!

“If we can live life consciously and authentically—understanding that things do not happen to us, but rather for us—we can use everything that comes into our lives to our benefit. We can locate all the barriers that keep us from beauty, love, abundance, intimacy, joy and good health.” – Erin Lanahan

7. I Have Found The Truth! Let Me Anchor That In Forever And Shut Down Any New Perspectives

Translation: I am forgetting that I am a unique, fluid and ever-changing being on a unique, fluid and ever-changing path that adapts to what I need to learn in any given moment.

What we need in one stage of our lives may be completely different than what we need in another. What feels right one day may not feel right the next. And there’s a reason for this. We are multi-layered beings. Sometimes, we hit layers that require us to learn commitment and goal-setting. Other times, we hit layers that require us to learn flexibility and “going with the flow.” We may at one time need to learn compassion and softness, while at another time need to learn firmness and setting boundaries.

The problem is when we become set on ideals rather than staying tuned to our intuition (similar to what we talked about in #3). Our paths and lessons adapt to what is best and most important for our evolution. When we get stuck in our minds and adopt a fixed spiritual ideal, we miss out on the actual cues that our feelings, intuition and life experiences whisper to us.

This is why I also believe it doesn’t serve to impose a universal truth for everyone to follow.

As much as the Truth may very well be that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively and that we are a way for the universe to know itself… well, it seems the universe wants to know itself through very UNIQUE perspectives and paths. We are not meant to live in a synchronized fashion and all move the same, think the same and feel the same. We are here to be complimentary to one another, much like a puzzle requires unique pieces to create a beautiful image.

“Your job is not to find a static truth that everyone will agree on and conform to. We only need people to agree with our truth if we need validation for our truth because we are not convinced that it is truth yet. Your job is to find your own truth. Nothing more and nothing less. And you will know if your truth is working for you by the quality of your life. You will know if your truth is working for you by the way that your life feels.” – Teal Swan

Hope these perspectives helped you as much as they helped me! Let’s lead by example and rid the spiritual community of all this pretence by being the realest we can be with ourselves and others. It is in our vulnerability and openness that we build the most profound and intimate relationships. It is in feeling what we need to feel that we grow. It is in being authentic that we attract and create a reality that truly matches us.

We have nothing to lose… except bullsh*t 😉

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