8+ Honest Signs They are Your True Soulmate

Finding a soulmate is the top priority for most people, and personally, I think you have a lot of chances to do it.

Your soulmate doesn’t necessarily need to be just one person. There’s a reincarnation based belief that not most people know about. That belief is that when you die, your soul breaks and shatters into pieces. These pieces are randomly bought together with pieces of other souls to form a new soul which forms a new person.

So when you find someone you can strongly click with, or find a person who you feel is clearly your soulmate, you’re actually just finding pieces of your soul within them, and they probably find pieces of their soul within you.

1. You Just Connect Without Trying

You probably met through a mutual friend or ran into each other at a park or even just making eyes at each other at the bar.

Whatever the story behind, when you said hello for the first time, there was electricity- a deep and intense connection was made through body language and conversation.

For some couples, this feeling can fade away with time, but when it comes to your soulmate and you, it just keeps on growing and getting more intense with time. Enjoy this, because it is not something everyone gets to live with.

2. Your Level Of Communication Is Unmatched

The success behind every long lasting relationship is the ability to communicate not just clearly but authentically. There should be real communication and no lying or any hidden motives.

This open communication can leave one vulnerable and exposed, and it does take some practise, but when it comes to soulmates, this level of communication can be achieved.

For soulmates, it is important for their needs to be voiced and the communication should come in many different forms.

3. You Create Your Own World Together

The strongest relationships with soulmates are the ones that create them together. It can be fun to lay in bed, watch movies and hang out, but if that’s all that you do, where are you really headed?

Soulmates love finding things they have in common, and discovering things that they don’t. They love to jump in with both feet and explore each other’s interests in arts and sciences.

When soulmates share each other’s passions, it pushes them even further.

4. Things Are Just Kind Of Intense

Everything about their relationship feels intense. What you do for fun, your passions, your fights, your ideas and dreams together- everything has a fire behind it.

5. You Feel Like You’ve Known Them Forever

A soulmate is actually a person who shares a piece of your soul, so there are chances you’ve actually known them in a past life. The familiar feeling you have makes sense- you probably know them because there is a part of you in them, and a part of them in you.

6. You Just Get Each Other

This one’s a bit tricky to explain, but there’s just something between you both that clicks. You understand what they are thinking and feeling without any effort.

7. You Love Even Their Imperfections

If you constantly feel like you need to change your partner for the better, it is not a good sign. When you meet your soulmate, even their strange quirks and imperfections can feel endearing.

8. You Just Can’t Picture Life Without Them

Once you’ve met your soulmate, you just can’t see yourself going on without them. It becomes impossible to picture life without them being present around you.

9. It’s Feels Like It’s You Two Against The Whole World

No matter what happens, you always have each other’s backs and can ride out any storm together.

10. You Have A Telepathic Bond

Just like Elliot and ET, you just know how they are feeling and what they are about to say. A lot of times, just when you think about your soulmate, they call you or send you a text message.

11. You See It In Their Eyes

You just look in their eyes and something feels so familiar that you are drawn in almost immediately. Experts on reincarnation don’t think it is an accident. Pay close attention to the eyes of people you meet- they say a lot.

12. You Love An Inspiring Person

At the end of the day, soulmates love to seek out people to inspire. They want to leave the world a better place, and when they join forces together they can make waves in this life.

13. You Love An Honest Person

They don’t lie to you, especially not over petty things. They may say things that may hurt you but they don’t sugarcoat how they feel.

14. You Love Someone Who Thrives On Philosophical Conversations

They don’t believe in talking about the Kardashians or indulging in useless gossip. They want to have a mentally stimulating conversation with you!

15. You Love Someone Who Wants To Share Life’s Lessons

They love to share what they have learned with the whole world.

16. You Love Someone Who Will Be Supportive Of You

They want to see their best self and also their partner’s. Even if you think that what you’re doing is a bit silly, they will have your back and will be supportive of you.


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