8 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle a Strong Woman

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#1: Strong Women Stand-up for Themselves

Most men inherently feel as though they need to fight battles for women, or, more accurately, they want to do this. If a man is unable to stand-up for his female partner, he can easily feel unneeded, or even unwanted. In fact, a strong woman may even stand-up for her male partner in some situations (especially when he is confronted with a female adversary)—which could easily be more than most men can take!

#2: Strong Women Are Aware of Their Own Needs and Desires

Most men enjoy telling a woman what she really wants, what she needs, and of course, how she should do something. If suggestions like these comprise a large portion of a man’s conversational material, they might be left speechless indefinitely.

#3: Strong Women Demand Truthfulness and Weakness

If genuine honesty is not a big enough problem for most men, then demonstrating—and acknowledging—inherent weakness almost always is. Many women value weaknesses as opportunities to learn and strengthen themselves, whereas many men perceive weakness as something that should be concealed and denied at all costs.

#4: Strong Women Demand and Embrace Intimacy

Although most men demand and embrace physical intimacy—at least in its most carnal sense—strong women desire more nuanced forms of physical intimacy, and wide-ranging emotional intimacy as well. Even though many men are willing to attempt these other forms of intimacy, if they are unwilling or unable to truly succeed at them and embrace them, they have little hope of succeeding with and embracing a strong women long-term.

#5: Strong Women Are High on Reliability

And I mean reliability 24/7, 365 days per year. If a strong woman doesn’t know what she can expect from a male partner each and every day, she cannot know precisely what she needs to do in order to realize both short-term and long-term goals—for both herself and her partner.

#6: Strong Women Are Penetrating

Sex jokes aside, many women are able to scrutinize their male partners and eventually inform them of things they do, say, or even think without ever realizing. This insightful information can be incredibly helpful for any human being to be provided with, but many men will instead get defensive and offer sweeping denials, no matter what.

#7: Strong Women Are Willing to Jump Ship First

Many men find comfort in being able to threaten a breakup in order to get what they want, or in order to avoid doing things they don’t want to. However, strong women have seen this game playout before, and they remember the consequences of playing along. Many women would rather jump ship when it begins to sink, rather than waiting until it’s entirely submerged.

#8: Strong Women Articulate the Bad with the Good

I’ve heard it said many times before that “the loudest sounds of all are words unspoken,” but constructive, negative feedback from a strong women must surely give this saying a run for its money, in reality. As alluded to, negative feedback is often more helpful and productive than its positive counterpart: many things need to be said, and more importantly, many things need to be heard.


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here: https://www.powerofpositivity.com/10-reasons-men-cant-handle-strong-woman/.


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