8 Reasons Why Most Men Simply Can’t Handle a Strong Woman

Believe it or not, a good majority of men would want a woman who is quiet and shy rather than choosing a woman who knows how to stand up for herself. Choosing such a girl adds a dynamic of challenge to the relationship as opposed to with a weak woman, who does as she is told to, which is obviously not healthy. Every woman should be aware of her own needs and wants and should be able to take actions on it whenever needed.

#1: Strong Women Stand-up for Themselves

Most men tend to feel that they need to be the ones to fight battles for their women, and if they are unable to stand up for their female partner, they can end up feeling unneeded and unwanted. However, a strong female doesn’t just stand up for herself, but also for her male partner in some situations especially when something threatens their relationship, and this is not something a lot of men can take.

#2: Strong Women Are Aware of Their Own Needs and Desires

Men enjoy telling a woman what she actually wants and needs, and how she should do something. However, if they come across a strong woman who is already aware of her needs and desires, they may be left speechless.

#3: Strong Women Demand Truthfulness and Weakness

Most men tend to steer clear off genuine honesty, and even more than than, they have a big problem acknowledging and accepting their inherent weaknesses. While women tend to think of weakness as an opportunity to learn and grow, men see them as something that can and should be concealed and denied at all costs.

#4: Strong Women Demand and Embrace Intimacy

It is usually men who tend to demand physical intimacy in the carnal sense. However, strong women also tend to desire physical intimacy in its various forms, which men may not be able to accept. Sometimes, they may have trouble accepting these forms and if they are not able to, they may not be able to embrace a strong woman for a long period of time.

#5: Strong Women Are High on Reliability

Strong women tend to have very high expectations when it comes to reliability from their male partner. They need to know what they can expect from him to understand their short and long term goals for both themselves and also for their partner.

#6: Strong Women Are Penetrating

No, not in the sexual sense, but most strong women are able to understand their male partners better, and eventually they end up informing them about the way they do things even without realizing it. While this is actually insightful information that they offer, and they’re just being helpful to a fellow human being, most men tend to take offense, get defensive and even offer denials.

#7: Strong Women Are Willing to Jump Ship First

Many men tend to find comfort in the fact that if they threaten a breakup, they can get what they want in a relationship and avoid doing things they don’t want to. However, when it comes to strong women, they know this playout game and know the consequences of playing around, and they would rather jump the ship when it begins to sink than they would wait until it is totally submerged.

#8: Strong Women Articulate the Bad with the Good

Strong women tend to value negative feedback and criticism as a helpful and positive way to learn and grow. They treat it as more valuable as compared to the positive counterpart.

*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here: https://www.powerofpositivity.com/10-reasons-men-cant-handle-strong-woman/.


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