8 Reasons Why Your Sarcasm Makes You Highly Intelligent

There are many perspectives on sarcasm and sarcastic people. Some may think that it requires no skill, and these people are in fact just being an asshole. Well, recent studies are actually showing that it requires a special level of wit to be able to say one thing while meaning something else entirely. Sarcasm can be looked at as a form of insult but adding a dose of humor and indirect meaning.

Dr. Shamay Tsoory, a psychologist at the Rambam Medical Centre in Haifa, conducted a study showing the use of sarcasm has several social communicative functions. Some of which include, increasing the perceived politeness of the criticism, decreasing the perceived threat and aggressiveness of the criticism, and creating a humorous atmosphere.

In this study, it is also discovered that a deficit in understanding sarcastic utterances may reflect an impaired ability to understand social cues such as intentions, beliefs, and emotions. Below are 8 reasons showing that sarcasm may be directly correlated with intelligence:

1). Sarcastic people show their emotions well

If you are a sarcastic person, you may be aware that you tease the ones you love. An “I hate you” could mean “I love you” in sarcastic language. Penny Pexman, a psychologist and sarcasm researcher at the University of Calgary, says that joking with and teasing your loved ones is actually an indicator of love and care in a sarcastic person’s world. She does caution that you be careful when doing so, not everyone will see it that way. They could, in fact, see it as hostility instead of playfulness.

2). Sarcastic people tend to have a healthier brain

Studies of MRI scans show that the parahippocampal gyrus, or the part of the brain that correlates with memory, is the place that sarcasm stems from. Sarcasm can improve our brain’s cognitive function, which encompasses reasoning, memory, attention, and language and also lead directly to the attainment of information.

3). Sarcasm allows you to be more creative

There have been studies that show people who regularly use sarcasm, as well as people who receive and understand these remarks, tend to be more creative. This can be tied to the fact that sarcasm helps improve a person’s abstract thinking; allowing them to see things in a different perspective than someone else’s way of observing things. This thinking allows for more creative ideas and inspiration.

4). They think on another level

Have you ever heard the saying “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence?” When processing snide remarks, research shows our brains actually work harder. This enhances and sharpens our problem-solving skills, allowing us to think on an entirely different level.

5). Sarcasm helps you choose better friends

We all want to be friends with people that get our sense of humor. Well, this is especially true for sarcastic people. Since we tend to be more sarcastic and tease our loved ones and close friends, it is essential to surround ourselves with people that will understand, and not take offense to it. It has also been found that sarcastic people not only get along with people that will get their witty comments, but fire them back. This helps us form better social connections.

6). Sarcasm is seen as an evolutionary survival skill

It is a well-known fact that we as humans have a social nature; interacting with other people on a daily basis. With sarcasm being a normal part of human nature, someone who may not be able to pick up on sarcasm, may not be able to respond in a socially appropriate way. Sarcasm is a way of connecting people in both a negative and positive way. We all want to gain favor with the people we interact with, so it is vital to get their sense of humor. Say you’re in a meeting, and your boss throws out a sarcastic remark, those who “get” it laugh and smile, getting on their boss’s good side. Sarcasm plays a major role in making friendships and alliances. We all need a little sarcastic humor in our lives, otherwise, the world would be a more dull place.

7) Their criticisms will make you laugh

Sarcastic people are able to convey criticism that may normally offend someone with a lighthearted humorous approach. This helps defuse tension that may surround a subject that is ordinarily difficult to talk about and makes it easier to get to the root of a problem without hurting anybody. Not only that but it’s invaluable in preserving relationships because it allows you to approach people as a friend, even if what you have to say to them isn’t something they want to hear. It can makes someone who is ordinarily hardheaded take something into consideration that they make have brushed off in a different context.

8) Sarcastic people make their friends smarter

Because of the way they communicate their words often have hidden layers and it forces the people around them to be paying more attention. Instead of taking their words at face value like you can with some people it often takes a little more brain power to get to the root of what they are trying to say.

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