8+ Signs Of a Hidden Psychopath

Psychopaths are different from the majority of people- they may have human qualities like love and passion, but they also have other traits that set them apart from the rest around them.

Psychopaths are, more often than not, incredibly charming liars and have little or no sense of empathy- a good example being Adolf Hitler. In the list below we attempt to uncover the different symptoms of an undercover psychopath.

1. Victim Mentality

Psychopaths are master manipulators. They play off everything as if they are the victim. They can also bring up random incidents that may or may not have happened to them, and may present themselves as the ones that were being attacked.

They will do this in order to make you feel sorry for them, and so that you can do everything to make them feel happy again.

Don’t give in to their little game of theirs- you may have been a victim the entire time so make sure you find a way out.

This will help give you some insight into the world of a toxic manipulative human who wants nothing more than to make you feel miserable so that you gain some soft of self indulgence in their life.

Remember that you are the actual victim in this situation and you must be willing to fight for your happiness and must make sure never to allow them to sink their fangs in you again.

2. Animal Driven

One of the subtle and not-so-well-known characteristics of a psychopath is that they are animal driven and are more concerned with basic human needs such as food, water and money.

A lot of psychopaths also believe in the presence of a higher power and are more spiritual, but it is likely that they find their basic needs to be more important than the rest.

3. Unapproachable

Psychopaths have a very strange and cruel way of manipulating others. If you’re in a relationship with one, you probably already know this- they’ll deliberately avoid talking to you for anything in particular.

They always want you to feel like you were wrong the entire time during a fight or some kind of disagreement. They will try to put a dent in your self-esteem and only then will they feel they have done their job right. The longer you wait for them to talk to you, the more hurt you will be.

4. “Uh’s” and Um’s”

LiveScience revealed a study where the researchers interviewed 52 convicted murders and found that they used ‘uhs’ and ‘ums’ more frequently than normal people. This may be because they utter some words unconsciously, or maybe because they are carefully selecting which words to say.

5. Center of Attention

One of the most exhausting qualities of a psychopath is how they crave a lot of attention every single day of their life. They do anything and everything to make sure all of the spotlight is on them and their problems.

For them, nothing else exists except their little world, and they view themselves as the center of the universe all the time. Other people’s problems don’t matter to them, and as long as they have your attention, they are fulfilled. If they do not get empathy and attention from you, they will seek it out in others.

6. Narcissistic

A magazine recently published a fantastic article around the neuroscience of psychopaths which explains how these people display malignant narcissism and have complete disregard for the suffering that their behavior can cause others.

Some psychopaths can also be arrogant and boastful and tend to criticize others, since they have a grand sense of self-worth.

7. Conceited

Psychopaths tend to be very conceited when it comes to talking. They usually look down on everyone else as if they were there only because of them. This is probably because a big part of their personality revolves around attention seeking, and they can make themselves appear as if they know everything about everything.

Also, if you call them out on their bluffs, they can retreat to those who sympathize with them. Make sure you don’t fall into their trap and do yourself a favor and just remove the psychopath from your life entirely.

Psychopaths tend to view other people as pawns and never as a fellow human being.

8. Troubled Childhood

Doctors believe that childhood abuse, trauma and neglect can desensitize children to other people’s feelings, which can sometimes make an individual a psychopath. While all psychopaths do not have horrible childhoods and millions of children who are abused do not all become psychopaths, there is still a strong link that exists between the two.

It has also been found that children who have lived apart from their parents in the first three years of life are more likely to be psychopaths. This is possibly due to the fact that a lack of bond or connection in the early years of life may affect the child’s ability to feel empathy, which may cause him to develop psychopathic traits.

9. They make you feel insane

If you are with a person who tends to fabricate incidents, conjure up stories or even lies entirely about things that didn’t even happen, you are dealing with someone who is extremely manipulative. These people will do everything in their power to make you believe that they are the ones who are going insane in the relationship.

Don’t think twice about staying in such a relationship- break yourself free the moment you get the chance. Do not second guess your judgement especially if you find yourself questioning your sanity with them.

10. Charming

Psychopaths tend to be entertaining, witty and amusing! They are amazingly effective in presenting themselves as extremely likeable and charming. They are able to use their charm so powerfully that they can also get inside of your head.

They are able to do this because they have zero distractions and intense focus and are also able to create an illusion of connection for others.

11. They steal your self-esteem

If you have been with a manipulative person for a long time, chances are, you’ll feel as if there is no more self esteem left inside of you mostly because this person sapped you of all your self love.

If you genuinely feel that this person makes an effort to feel like you are less than dirt, do everything in your power to make sure you never see that person again. You deserve happiness more than anything, and that person just isn’t going to allow you to be happy.

12. Impulsive

Most psychopaths have a unique quality called self-centered impulsivity. They tend to be impulsive in the sense that they constantly take risks without bothering about the consequences. They have a fast paced personality and are often rebellious too.

13. Constant Verbal Attacks

This one’s a huge warning sign that indicates that you’re dealing with a person who is manipulative. Most psychopaths don’t care about your feelings, concerns or ideas in any situation, and tend to belittle you every chance they get to get what they want from you.

They will attempt to find every possible flaw about your personal self and will verbally assault you if you try to speak up.

14. Self-centered

A lot of psychopaths are extremely self centered. They view themselves as the center of the universe and only think of how they will be affected by something or someone, and don’t think of how their actions can affect other people.

While some psychopaths are impulsive, it is believed that most psychopaths value structure and are more methodical in their ways.

15. They make you feel isolated

One of the sneaky actions some psychopaths do is that in an attempt to control you, they isolate you from your family and friends. You may feel like going out and having fun with them, but they don’t just feel like allowing you to do it this time- or ever. If you allow this to continue, you may never see your friends anymore. It is a sort of subtle manipulation.

16. Pathological Lying

Everyone lies, but not everyone is a pathological liar. One of the main elements that exist when it comes to diagnosing psychopathy is lying, researchers believe.

Psychopaths don’t just lie about little things- like what they had for dinner, but they also lie about big things such as which college they attended. Psychopaths lie to people in order to manipulate them.


17. Constant Mood Swings

Psychopaths have extreme mood swings- when in argument, they go from being objective or compassionate to vicious and personal in a split second. They can flatter you one minute and apologize you in the next minute. They are constantly fighting to control the narrative.

18. Lack Empathy

One of the biggest signs that you are dealing with a psychopath is that they have a major lack of empathy. A study found that when psychopathic individuals imagine others in pain, the brains areas that are associated with empathy and concern for others do not become active.

Infact, it was found that when they imagined others in pain, the areas of their brain involving pleasure showed an increased response.

19. No Respect For Boundaries

Another common symptom of a psychopath is their disregard for other people’s personal space and feelings. You may want to establish certain boundaries, but due to their condition, they do not grasp the impact they have on you.

20. Irresponsible

Apart from being charming, impulsive and narcissistic, psychopaths can also be irresponsible especially when it comes to financial obligations.

They may seem trustworthy at face value and it may seem like they have a steady job and loving relationships, but still, they can be irresponsible and can engage in risky behavior.

21. They make you feel unloved

Some psychopaths do not have the capacity to love and feel normal human emotions. This is why, most of their relationships tend to be functional utilitarian affairs, and being with them can make you feel unloved.

22. Manipulative

Psychopaths tend to be masters of manipulation, a study has found. It is believed that they are obsessed with power thanks to their charm and intellect and when combined with their perceptiveness, they are pretty good at manipulating others.

They are also masters of impression management, and they exhibit chameleon like behavior in front of others.

23. You’re constantly apologizing

If you’re with a psychopath, you’ll never find them apologizing for something that they did, despite the fact that they know what they’ve done and refuse to acknowledge all their consequences after their cruel deeds.

If you find yourself dealing with a person who never apologizes for their mistakes, but in turn, you find yourself apologizing, it could be a sign that you’re dealing with a toxic and narcissistic person.

In their world and view, they are never wrong. The whole world might have been wrong, but they never are.

24. Unpredictable

There are many factors that cause psychopaths to be unpredictable. For instance, pathological lying- since they barely tell the truth, it can be difficult to understand what psychopaths will do next.

They also have a serious lack of empathy which contributes to their unpredictability. They are unable to understand others, which is why, they develop shallow emotions and get bored easily.

You’ll always find them engrossed in new quests, not knowing what to do next.

This brief guide will hopefully help you identify the symptoms of a psychopath and detect if you are dealing with one.

Confronting one is not a good idea, especially if they are verbally abusive. Ask your friends and family for help. You are not alone.


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