8+ Signs You are Dependent On Them Emotionally, and Not Actually In Love

Love is the one thing that literally everyone on the planet is searching for.

Some of us, however, want it so badly that we get swept up in the initial stages of romance and get blinded by feelings of affection, lust and desire. There’s no better feeling in the world than finding a person who loves you just as much you love them.

However, sometimes we tend to idealize people rather than just letting them be themselves. This is probably because we are searching for our own validation rather than actually looking to form a genuine and loving bond.

Sometimes, what we think as love is actually nothing but just an emotional dependence that we rely on for our own self-worth and satisfaction.

Here are the top 10 signs that may be pointing out that your relationship is not actually as healthy for you as you think it is.

1. You tend to feel extremely jealous when your partner spends their time with someone else rather than with you. 

2. You and your partner have stopped doing things that you both usually do without one another and you both have completely removed yourself from other relationships that were actually important to you too. 

3. You constantly worry that your partner may give up or leave you for someone else. You tend to become possessive of him or her especially if there are other people around. 

4. You are always okay with bailing out on any other plans that you’ve made just to spend time with your significant other. 

5. You need your partner’s validation more than your own validation. 

6. You care less about who your partner really is on the inside and more about how well they maintain their appearance in front of family and friends. 

7. You think you can transform your significant other into the partner you always wanted. 

8. You enjoy having control over your partner and tend to become distant and upset if they don’t do as you wish. 

9. You really feel that you will never be able to recover or move on if your partner left you or passed away. 

10. A good chunk of your self-worth comes from your significant other’s affection, attention and approval. 


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