8 Signs You’re an Alpha Personality, and the Things You’re Doing Because of It

8 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re an Alpha Personality

#1: Being Straight to the Point

Non-alphas will generally mistake this for being unkind or uninterested, but you know the truth; avoiding excessive small-talk and unnecessary pleasantries merely saves everyone time, and leaves more time for confronting, discussing, and resolving the truly important things in life. Of course, some amount of small-talk and pleasantries is enjoyable and genuinely beneficial—it’s just the excess that alphas attempt to avoid.

#2: Judging Their Walk—Not Their Talk

You likely judge people’s characters by their actions rather than by their words, which is difficult to legitimately criticize. However, non-alpha’s may be put-off when they read skepticism in your eyes after they’ve made a bold (and probably untrue) statement. But they should get over this once they notice and realize the trend—unless they genuinely want you to believe their B.S., of course.

#3: Not Missing Out

People might be shocked when they go out of their way to let you know about a party or event, and then it seems like you really could not care less about it. However, hopefully they will eventually realize this is simply because some specific parties and events do not interest you—and some do. Many people are constantly on the lookout for this type of social info because they are easily amused and entertained. It just so happens that alphas are not.

#4: Talking and Walking

By the same token, people may be taken aback by the fact that you don’t pretend to be interested in something they say (even if they know you really aren’t), or when you flat-out tell them the truth about something that they truly want you to lie about (for their benefit, or for their comfort). Of course, you know that appeasing in the present only leads to inconsistency and disappointment in the future, so it’s for the good of all mankind to talk as you walk (and vice versa), so to speak.

#5: Being Wisely Skeptical

Quite frankly, you know that the proof is in the pudding, and you won’t eat a spoonful of anything if its authenticity is in doubt. Sometimes this means scrutinizing metaphorical expiry dates—but many things that are life-and-death don’t seem that way, at first.

#6: Doing You

Very simply, many people want or need to be around others in order to enjoy themselves; but, many times, you want or need to be alone in order to do so. Sometimes it takes non-alphas a while to realize or believe this, and some never will.

#7: Doing You, Quietly

Along the same lines, non-alphas may wonder why they haven’t seen any Facebook posts from you in a while, and they may even assume you’re depressed in order to explain it. But, again, once they realize this isn’t the case, you can only hope they spread the word and ideology to other non-alphas (to save you the trouble of being forced to do so).


#8: Being Non-Desperate

What it boils down to is being happy being single, but being open to sharing happiness with a loving partner. This second part is easy, but the first part is oftentimes difficult or even impossible—once again, for non-alphas, that is.


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