9 Signs You Are Not Ready For A Relationship

Relationships are a great thing, but not always for everybody. You might think it sounds like a great idea but for some people the second it starts to happen they find themselves running as fast as they can in the other direction.

We have all came across that person at least once in your life, you know, that person that always has to have someone in their life to make them feel complete. They run around looking for a guy or girl to be in a relationship with.

Or maybe you just like to be alone to do your own thing for a while. The only way to fully invest in another person is if you have time to figure yourself out. A serious commitment in love is not something you can force yourself to feel.

You cannot always predict if your heart is ready for love, or if your mind would just be happier indulging in yourself for a while. But, if you are confused; here are a few signs to help you out!

  1. You are looking for someone to save you

You cannot wait around hoping that someone will save you. You have to be able to do it yourself, be your own hero. You will never be satisfied in any relationship if you are constantly relying on the other person to save the day.

  1. You are not over your ex

This is one of the most obvious signs. If you still have feeling for your ex-boy/girlfriend then you should not be getting into another relationship. It is heartbreak just waiting to happen.

  1. You are too busy

Maybe you just graduated, have a full-time job, or are working on a few money making side projects. You might want to hold off on jumping into a relationship.

  1. You are unsure

If you do not know what you want, do not commit! I know this can be difficult, especially when you feel obligated; but if you are running through a long list in your head on why this is not a good idea, it probably isn’t.

  1. Trust Issues

A tinge of jealousy is one thing, but if you are the type of person to hack into his or her email account or check their messages, you might need to cool down before you get down. It will take work, but it will pay off big time if you wait and work on yourself first.

  1. You feel like you need to be

If your happiness is dependent on whether or not you are in a relationship, you probably should not be in one. Relationships are something that are supposed to improve your life and happiness, not BE your life and happiness.

  1. You want to BE someone’s savior

I know a lot of people like this, and as a matter of fact, I used to be one. I always wanted to be with someone who had a life that I could improve. A lot of women are like that, and believe me, that is not a reason to date somebody. It could just get you hurt in the long run!  Plus the chances of actually saving someone are very low. Do not worry about taking on someone else’s problems.

  1. You have to change to make them happy

If you are willing to give up something that you love about yourself to please another person them you are not ready to date at all. The person you choose should be willing to like you for who you are. If you feel like you are not going to find anybody like that, then you need to be happy with yourself.

  1. Desperation

If you are going into a relationship just because you are tired of being alone then do not do it! Maybe all your friends are in one, or you have been alone for a while; but don’t just get into one because you are tired of being alone. Wait to find someone who you are going to be completely happy with! Desperation is never attractive.


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