A 6-Year-Old Girl Has a BEAUTIFUL MESSAGE For Her Parents And For Humanity!

ok this little girl gives me the chills! After seeing her parents getting divorced, she gave her mom a beautiful life lesson coming directly from her heart. She explains to her mother that “everyone should be friends and should be nice with one another”. That’s the only thing she wants. Noticed how her message comes from a space of  innocence and purity.. This shows us what Human Nature is Truly about.

We definitely have something to learn from this child. This is a wake up call. We must STOP perceiving us as individuals separated from one another and remember that We are all fundamentally One. We all have the potential to stop perpetuating division following by multiple consequences and rebuild our faith in humanity. We can start creating a world based on oneness consciousness, a world where we care, nourish and help one another. The choice is ours.

I hope this little girl will touch your heart as much as she touched mine!


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