A Galactic Tidal Wave Of Divine Light Is Descending Upon Earth. The Old Reality Is Ending!

We are soon going to be experiencing a dynamic re-calibration of our Earth’s electromagnetic fields. This will trigger a major shift in our consciousness.

As we reach the second half of the year we will be experiencing many more energetic shifts. The cosmic christ energy entering the planet right now is increasing the frequency of our kundalini energy. This causes our auric field to expand and become much brighter than it usually would be. As the aura expands each person’s consciousness expands as well. Our aura must endure these expansions in order the merge with the new Earth.

You will feel these ascension symptoms things like:

  • emotional changes
  • feeling irritable
  • overwhelming mood swings
  • mental changes and disorientation
  • lack of concentration

You will also feel physical reactions to this change as well things like:

  • high pitch sound vibrating in the ears
  • intense pressure around the head
  • fatigue
  • exhaustion

If you are dealing with any of these things it is a clear sign that you are spiraling upwards in unison with the Earth and integrating the higher frequency codes. This is creating an interconnected crystalline body that will allow you to carry more cosmic christ energy. When this is all said and done we will be perceiving worlds of unimaginable beauty.

Open yourself completely to these high dimensional frequencies and trust with love. Let them enter your whole heart now is the time of great shifting.


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