A Powerful Gamma Wave Set to Hit the Earth in September, find out why that is a good thing.

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We have been hearing so much about the bad things that are predicted to happen this September.  From government plots, aliens, to an asteroid.  But what does all of this fear bring us?  Well, honestly, it brings us a lot more of what we don’t want.

Many people, including Bashar, have told us that we each live in slightly different realities and are co-creating larger agreed upon realities all the time.  In fact, he says that if we fear that something might happened it is because we believe it is extremely likely.  This unfortunately gives away our power, not only to enjoy this moment but it adds power to what may or may not happen in the future.

Via Harmonious Earth
Via Harmonious Earth

So why not give the power to something that we would prefer to happen instead of something that leaves us powerless to react, respond, or prevent?

I have been feeling a lot of shifting going on, and countless other people have been expressing the same thing.  There is something happening that has been making us feel strange, different, and even at times a bit on edge.

Astrologers have told us that there are multiple planets in retro grade and when that happens you know that it is the universe screaming at us to slow down, be careful in the choices we make, and to breathe.

Recently there was a Channeling done by Michael Love of the Archangel Michael.  This Angel of Love and Protection has given us a wonderful heads up into what is happening and what we can expect to happen over the next few weeks as we get closer and closer to September 28th 2015.

“This great point in humanity’s evolution is know as “THE EVENT HORIZON”. 
September 28th, 2015 is when this Super-Wave peaks and is the highest energetic frequency ever measured in the cosmos in modern history.”

What does this mean? 

Enter 4th Density by M-G-Studio
Enter 4th Density by M-G-Studio

Many of us have been experiencing the symptoms of awakening for quite some time now and with that increased sensitivity we have also started to experience some of the higher senses of the 4th density sometimes referred to as the 5th dimension.  Bashar talks about it here.

As part of this very exciting time in consciousness some of us have started to experience combined senses and even more beauty in our regular senses.  Some of these include seeing new & more vibrant colors than ever before, feeling things more intensely, enjoyed more fragrances, hearing more acutely, and craving new higher vibrational foods that they used to never enjoy before.

It’s like this, you are not leaving 3D! Instead you will continue to exist in 3D, 4D and 5D in the same time-space (now here) and you will be fully aware of your experience in each dimension.”

On top of that many people have gotten much more balanced and in tune with their light bodies and have started to experience other dimensions, intense dreams, astral travel, telepathic communication with others, and so much more!

Will anyone actually ascend on this date? Yes! Any light being who is already vibrating close to the 5D frequency of 21 Hertz will pierce through the protective 5D barrier know as “The Great Void” and will be able to experience a sustained perception of the New Earth at this great moment in our history.”

Do I Vibrate at 21 Hz? 

Well one of the best ways to find out it to listen to it and see if you resonate with that frequency.  In other words does listening to this tone feel good to you?  Check it out in the video below.

For me this frequency feels absolutely wonderful! I feel like I could listen to it all day and incorporate how it feels into my life and actions towards others.

What Will Happen When the Gamma Wave hits me?

Via ashtarcommandcrew.net
Via ashtarcommandcrew.net

Well the first major physical change is that our DNA is going to shift.  This will include everyone and everything on earth.  Everything will shift into its highest form.

It is proven that gamma light can instantaneously evolve the DNA of any species into its higher form. You are literally evolving quickly now into the highest version of you!”

On an emotional level though things may still be pretty intense and a bit crazy for a while as we keep shifting.  Try to slow down, breathe, meditate when you can, and show love to the people around you who are full of fear.

There will be a level of chaos as this new photon data enters the matrix and is integrated, but its after effect will be the gradual transformation of the old control matrix hologram into the new crystaline grid matrix and is what we have worked towards for so long and want to see happen.”

The crystaline grid matrix becoming fully active and present in our lives is an exciting thing for those of us that are wanting to experience higher realities full of endless possibilities and a peaceful nurturing environment.

What can I do about it?

This wave is extremely intense and the best thing that you can do to prepare for it is to allow the changes to happen.  There is a lot of shifting going on and it can leave us feeling a little lost and confused.  People who we were close to may leave, we may find that we have to change locations or professions, and there may be a bit of chaos.  Old forgotten pains may start to resurface in order to finally become resolved.  Just remember that this is all as it should be and here is why.

We assure you all that is happening is as it should be, and is a clearing of the old energies that you have held onto so strongly. These lower frequencies have to be transmuted so this divine wave of light and love can flow through the body and ground into the core of Gaia. It is impossible to take the lower frequecies of repressed emotional trauma and errant DNA programming (limited belief systems) into the higher dimensions!

These old trapped trauma energies must be released from the body so the light data can flow completely through you and be grounded correctly. This completes the divine circuitry that makes you the super being you truly are.”

Via ascensionheart.com
Via ascensionheart.com

Keep to your work, and keep putting one foot in front of the other.  These are very exciting times that we are in and we have always known on some level that in order to become our higher selves there would be some growing pains.

As circumstances arise, especially challenges, face them with courage and show the universe what you have been working so hard on inside of yourself.  You can handle anything that comes in your path.

“We as the angels in human bodies came to hold space in our own bodies for this great light for all humanity and to herald this great message! Know that many Star Races are now here for the final curtain call in this great cosmic story you have played an important role in.

Great beings from many worlds are here on the edge of their seat to see how you are doing and to see what you will do next. They are applauding you!”

What about those living in Fear?

From what I have gathered in all my researching and meditation it appears to me that the earth is splitting into two very specific time lines.  Those who are of a lighter frequency will begin to experience the higher dimensions including what many call the heaven on earth.

“Behold, I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth”.  These two things are not the same. The New Earth includes 3D, 4D and 5D and the New Heaven is dimensions 6 through 12 that you can only traverse in the light body.”

Where as the souls that chose fear, over and over, will keep creating scenarios and circumstances for them to overcome that fear and master the root chakra.

They will probably put themselves through many tests and trials that may be big or small depending on the level of growth that their soul wants to experience.  Never forget that even if they are not conscious of it, they are creating their reality just as much as the rest of us.  We are just choosing to shift to one that we prefer rather than one of misery.

I highly recommend that you take the time to read the entire channeling and learn more about how twin flames play a vital role in the shift.  Read more from Archangel Michael Here.

What are your thoughts about the coming changes?  Have you been feeling the shift?

Thank you for reading.

SourceMichael Love

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