A Psychiatrist Reveals The Most Important Lesson After 83,000 Brain Scans

For those who do not know Daniel Gregory Amen is a famous psychiatrist who specializes in things like brain disorders. During a ‘TED talk‘ he has revealed the most important lesson we can learn from 83,000 brain scans.

Of course, at first, he speaks about psychiatry and medical imaging as well as something known as SPECT which is a tool that helps us to understand more about imaging in general. He has built up an enormous database of brain scans and the behaviors they are related to. He claims that the most important thing you can learn from these brain scans is that you can change people’s brains and their lives.

He has done lots of intense research throughout his years and raised quite a few questions in the medical world revolving around mental illness and why we do the things we do. He has been openly involved in several studies on the brains of prison inmates as well as NFL players. In his research he has found many correlations between groups of people, for instance, inmates were found to all have troubled brains and could likely be rehabilitated and in a sense conditioned to no longer do bad things. Treatment over punishment so to speak.

Check out the video below to see what all he has had to say on this. Every word is quite riveting and when he speaks he tries to be as informative as possible. I am in awe! Enjoy!


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