Add This To Your Water And You’ll Stop Suffering From Daily Functional Dehydration

You might be severely dehydrated and not know it…

You wake up, brush yourself teeth, and hopefully get a glass of water. Which water did you grab? Spring water? Tap water? Purified bottled water? Maybe a coffee which you might have used tap water to brew?

Do you know the one thing these waters have in common? They all contain dead minerals! If they have minerals at all, they are minerals from rocks such as spring water. In science past, we’ve been taught that minerals are minerals, calcium is calcium, magnesium is magnesium. False. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Rock minerals are what are called insoluble minerals. That same calcium intake from a biological source like plants is bioavailable or soluble. In plants, these minerals go through a chelation process in collaboration with the fulvic acid found in natural soil deposits. It’s literally the reason plants can digest insoluble rock minerals.

The only issue with relying on plant sources is that the mineral composition of plants is dictated by the quality of the soil they are planted in. Vitamins can be synthesized by the plant by species but not minerals. Due to the farming culture of our current world, the minerals are extremely limited and the soil contains less than 10 percent as much of the fulvic acid in the soil as it used to before mass agricultural practices. This means many of our plants aren’t even mineral-rich. Without proper mineral balance, you get disease. It’s easy and simple. So as long as you eat plants from 4 different continents and 30 different food sources each day, in terms of minerals, you should be good to go!

Sounds damn near impossible? There is one shortcut.

Scientists have evidence that humans have a similar mineral balance as aquatic life. This is one of the reasons people have known for years that sea salt is one of the single most valuable mineral sources for human consumption. The issue is that we can’t consume this level of sodium. There’s more.

Our oceans contain mineral safe havens where sunlight can’t reach it. Deposits that contain minerals so rich that scientists consider it to be the primordial substance that can create and sustain life. It’s a gold mine but the only issue is the sodium levels. They remove the salt from it, dehydrate it, and it becomes safe to drink. The results from testing have been nothing but amazing.

In the realm of sports, athletes and gym enthusiasts say that deep ocean minerals give them better hydration while exercising and increase the pump after a workout. Soreness after an exercise is also dramatically reduced. Studies show that muscle function restoration is decreased by more than 10X the speed than without according to a double-blind placebo study.

Currently, there is one supplement company on the market that is utilizing this data and their own studies to give people access to these benefits. Nutra Yu’s main ingredient in all of their products is the ocean mineral complex.

The discovery is called Deep Ocean Minerals or DOM. They find mineral zones between 250 and 1500 meters deep. DOM contains over 70 mineral nutrients and trace elements including magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca) and potassium (K) in their bio ionic form which means its “bio-available form”.

The interesting thing is, scholars for millennia have touted the health and mineral benefits of sea salt but never managed to create a process to remove the part that could give us health problems, the sodium chloride! If we have access to the minerals free of the salt, we are left with only the benefits. This isn’t your grandmamas salt either, this extract comes from deep in the ocean where sunlight can’t even reach so the minerals are undisturbed.

The only product on the market that is designed to fortify your water to its optimal state for hydration is called “Premium Hydration” from a company called Nutra Yu. There are other products that can give you similar minerals but like I said, “optimal”. People usually drink water with electrolytes in it like Gatorade or Liquid IV but these products contain a ton more sodium, almost 10 times as much. This is because they don’t desalinate the sea salt they gather. Nutra Yu hand selects the best mineral zones and desalinates the water through reverse osmosis leaving you with exactly what you needed all along, MINERALS.

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We are all dehydrated! Scientists Think Deep Ocean Minerals Might Save Us From Chronic Dehydration