After A Devastating Car Wreck… This Couple’s Message And After-Photo Will Make Your Heart Soar


A couple from Tennessee experienced one of the most feared instances imaginable… a tremendous car-wreck… after it unfolded, they gained a message they wish to share with you

Arika Stovall and her partner Hunter Hank, were traveling together in their truck, when within 3 seconds their vehicle drifted off the road, leading to a collision with a pillar at 85 mph. Hunter was able to use those 3 seconds to the best of his ability – and saved their lives.

After the tremendous blow was dealt, both Arika and Hunter were  momentarily unconscious. Arika would wake up to look at Hunters still body in the driver’s seat, face in the window-shield; and no sign of life.

The Guardian Angel

In her Facebook post (which has accumulated over 72,000 shares so far), Arika details how she looked outside the truck to see a man, with a brilliant white beard standing there – no other vehicles in sight.

Once she met his eyes, he told her that an ambulance was on the way.

Arika would exit the truck, and race to Hunter’s side, to only remained fixated on this man’s gaze. In that short moment, she knew that they were going to make it through the ordeal. He would vanish within a blink of an eye once the ambulance arrived on the scene.

Ms. Stovall has experienced a sensitive heart her entire life, it can lead to panic attacks once she has become stressed or nervous. She is convinced that if she wasn’t looking at this man, her ‘Guardian Angel’, to actually witness Hunter be peeled away from the window-shield – she would have had a legitimate heart-attack.

A Day of Miracles

Both Hunter and Arika would sustain very minor injuries, despite the possibility of being ‘torn in half’ a very realistic possibility. Arika would have to have stitches on her knee, Hunter, likewise but on his brow.

This experience awakened Arika to a higher awareness and so much more, and who better to describe this than her?

Embrace the struggles and the joys of this life! Without a doubt it’s a miracle we’re alive, but more than that it’s simply Gods plan for us. We’re so grateful for this wreck and all it will do in our lives. We are blessed to be okay.

I sincerely commend and am grateful for their experience, and the message they have to share with us all.

To simply look at the image of those two, still holding one another in such a fixated embrace; knowing full well what they just went through – is a brilliant light. For me, this is a powerful reminder. A reminder, that there are instances occurring that we may not see fully, involving forces we don’t fully understand all while life can always change forever in one unsuspected moment. Appreciating what we have, and sharing our compassion are among the most defining factors that make us human…

So I invite you, take what is useful then go; be human – as best as you can.


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