Powerful Campaign Urges All To Stand Up Against This Terrible Form Of Brainwash

We have had enough. We are not objects, we are not pieces of meat, we are not mere eye-candy existing solely for men’s entertainment. Most people agree with that… but how come we still see women objectification all over the media? How come there is still a push for these “thigh gaps,” plump lips or whatever other standard pushed as the only way to be beautiful?

The #WomenNotObjects campaign has recently released this powerful video urging people to recognize this very real issue by standing up against the objectification of women in advertising. By finally saying no to this madness, we can get closer to a world where girls aren’t taught that their looks supersede who they are as human beings, and where men stop being taught that women are objects. To get involved, you can submit ads with degrading imagery via email or Instagram so that they can be called out. Please spread the word to help stop this madness and spare young girls from having to go through this damaging brainwash!


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