Amazing Rescue Dog Saves A 17-Month-Old Toddler From A Deadly Monster

Adopting a rescue dog and giving it the loving home it has always needed can be one of the most amazing things a person can do. These rescue dogs usually come from terrible homes and oftentimes they have a history of abuse. Them finally being able to have a loving family is a gift they will cherish.

One family in Australia decided to take in an abused Doberman who was called Khan. They loved Khan and could not have been happier with their choice. This sweet Dobbie had a rough life and new mommy Catherine had promised she would do everything she could to ensure Khan felt like he belonged there. Things were going great until on the fourth day of having Khan in her home Catherine noticed him acting strange around her 17-month-old daughter, Charlotte.

Catherine noticed Khan was pushing the young girl around in the yard. Before Catherine could get to them she noticed her daughter went flying through the air. Soon after she heard a yelp from Khan while on her way rushing to the yard. It sounded as if he had been stabbed, Catherine soon found out that Khan had been bitten by a King brown snake on his paw. The venom of this snake can easily kill a human. Without the help of Khan Charlotte would surely be dead.


khan1He stood there even after being bitten protecting his little girl. This fantastic dog scared away the snake before he passed out. This dog showed bravery and protected his new family. It really shows how grateful and loving dogs really are.


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