Amplify Your Intuition With These 7 Simple Everyday Practices

When we look at human history, some of the most important world events and cultural realizations come from someone’s “gut-feeling” or a “hint” of some concept or potentiality.

It’s easy for a word like intuition to get tossed around and misconstrued in this day and age. Modern Western Culture can be very quick to judge, label and throw out anything that can be even slightly reminiscent of a “pseudo-science”, “magic” or “new-age” idea. Intuition, when looked at honestly, does not fall into any of those categories.

Sometimes intuitive “hits” are really just our brain doing its job; tracking and sorting data, refining and categorizing potential events and planning for the most gracious and lively future, (or survival!)

Google Defines Intuition as: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning… a thing one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

From my experience, intuition simply means, you live your life in alignment, in a state of flow, where things come naturally and problems are quickly met with organic solutions. Communication streams like a google fiber download and things just seem to feel more harmonious in all aspects of our life.

Intuition can show up as:

  •  Suddenly remembering to do something at the perfect time
  •  Spontaneously making a specific choice that leads to grander results than the other options
  •  Reaching out to someone “just as they were thinking of you”
  •  Making the highest and best choice for a meal, activity or relationship
  •  Interpreting synchronicities in a way that keep you “one step ahead of the game”
  •  Remembering dreams more easily and using their wisdom as guidance
  • Feeling “called” to walk a certain direction and being lead to beauty

There are SO many more ways intuition can show up in our lives. How has it shown up for you?   I would love to hear you share in a comment!

Here’s a list for ya’ll of 7 simple and everyday practices you can cultivate to bring more and more intuition into your life! Enjoy!

1. Clearly Define What Intuition Means to You


As a stated above, intuition can mean so many different things and show up in many different ways. It never hurts to get specific. Where would you like more grace and flow in your life? Where do you feel you struggle the most to open up and let a natural pulse of confidence and clarity come through you? For me, I used to often struggle with public speaking, especially when it was off the cuff… with no script. Once I focused in on that particular challenge and cultivated the 7 steps laid out here, public speaking has become one of my favorite things to do, and I now prefer no script! I love what my intuition guides me to say and, interestingly, the audience always loves it!

2. Organize Your Thoughts
Unclutter The Mind

For a lot of people intuition shows up and a “gut-feeling” or a deep “inner-sensing”, for others it shows up as plain and simple thoughts which seem to arise and provide clarity and direction. Regardless of how it shows up, your awareness has a lot of content competing for its attention. Often intuitive hits are instantly trumped by an overactive mind… judging, and condemning the intuition or often just ignoring it and onto the next thought. De-Cluttering the mind can be as simple as: writing out your thoughts at the beginning and end of every day. When you can look at it and read it, the mind doesn’t need to store it! Of course daily meditation helps, even if its just 10 or 20 minutes! Some people get confused when they hear their thoughts get even louder during meditation. “How could this be de-cluttering my mind if I’m just thinking more!?” You may not realize it in the moment, but the very act of “allowing” your thoughts to just be, will calm down your mind. It may take time, but it’s worth it!

3. Attune To Your Natual Biological Rhythms


We are electro-magnetic-bio-chemical beings. Our bodily functions require a steady rhythm of sleep, food, love, sunlight and much much more. When even one of these dynamics is off balance it will always show up first in the “subtle energy” of your life. Just one ounce of brain fog due to a poor nights rest could be the one thing in the way of you feeling tapped in to your source of internal guidance. Are you more likely to be in the flow during a food coma, or after a whole week never going outside? How about when you don’t connect deeply with friends and family? I would say you probably feel pretty whacked out when you don’t maintain a healthy dose of these necessary life-nutrients in your day to day rhythms.

4. Test Yourself
Test your intuitino

You would be surprised how tuned in you really are when you give yourself the opportunity to experience it! I love playing games with my friends where we try to guess what color the other person is thinking of! Playing with tarot cards can be fun as well! The key here is not to give yourself a hard time when you “guess wrong” but more importantly to notice what you do differently and how you shift your energy when you choose to focus in on and hone in on your intuitive senses. Perhaps you notice when you are trying to guess the card you can’t see that you furrow your eyebrows or stop breathing. This is a great opportunity to notice where you can open up and bring awareness to different parts of your body. Naturally a relaxed, joyous, open, centered body would be the most prone to intuitive resonance. Testing yourself allows you to see where you need to strengthening your intuitive muscles!

5. Become Familliar With Stillness & Silence


The universe is ultimately, very still and very silent. When you can find that within yourself you instantly embody an authentic state of listening. This listening can be the greatest source of your intuitive guidance. Think of the difference between being in Times Square New York and deep in the middle of a wild forest. The forest is tremendously calmer, quieter and more peaceful. You are able to really enjoy yourself and see things clearly, you are not distracted by city lights, sounds and whirling energies. When you cultivate stillness and silence in your life, it, like you can bring the experience of being in that peaceful forest into any experience you engage in. This can be cultivated simply by sitting on the floor of your room with the lights off before you get into bed, and just relaxing, focusing on your breathing and visualizing your aura or energy field calming down and aligning itself with the vastness of the universe. Also, going for silent walks, or even an entire day of silence will give you great insight to the power of this silence. I often do a practice where I close my eyes and walk from one end of the room to the other as slowly as possible. This gets me very in tune with the subtle energies of my body and when I leave that exercise and go back into my day I feel hyper alert, clear and calm.

6. Utilize Practical Meditation

practical meditation

When I say practical meditation what I really mean is meditation that requires no conditions. You can meditate while you do the dishes, while you clean your room, walk the dog, or exercise. The key is that you simply decided to be present. While being present you accept that your mind is going to do whatever it does… and no matter what it does, you will just let it be that. No trying to change or stop what you are thinking, and no needing to analyze or ask “why” you are thinking what you are thinking. Just let it be. You will start to notice more and more that you are not your thoughts, and you are simply “witnessing” them. The you that is witnessing these thoughts, is the same you that is always tapped into intuition. We only feel out of alignment with our intuitive self when we are caught up in thought space and not sitting in our true identity as “the witness”.

7. Focus On That Which Nourishes You


Intuition puts you in a flow that aligns you with what is best for you, and because we live in a holographic/fractal universe that means what is best for you, is best for all. This also means surrounding yourself with other people, places and things that are in alignment with their highest and best state will help harmonize you with your best state! Spending time with healthy, empowered people who are living their purpose will always uplift your spirits. Spending time in nature where it is minimally touched by society and is thriving in its natural state is the best example of this. Each component of nature is just acting from an aligned “life force”. You could almost say that a tree’s branches grow in the direction that the tree’s intuition guides them to.

Science would say the tree grows that way to get more sunlight and more rain.
I would say that the more we as humans align with what is truly best for us, we are self guided to make more decisions supporting us in living the best lives we are here to live.

Intuition just means, you do what is best, and knowing what is best comes naturally because you are in tune with who you truly are… nature itself.


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