An Empaths Guidebook to Emotional Stability

Alone in a crowd ... image was intentionally softened and colors muted to all but the alone person.

To have true authority in our lives it is crucial to balance our energies. Many empaths allow their energies to become unbalanced because they do not know how to control them. If you often wonder which emotions are yours and which belong to someone else then this is for you.

Highly empathetic people have high sensitivity and this can grow into undesirable circumstances. This can happen when you find yourself in an overcrowded room or event, being stuck on a plane, train, or automobile with people you do not wish to be around. Symptoms are sure to come over you leading you to a quick depletion of energy.

If you are an empath you know what I am talking about, you know that moment when you meet a person and you can feel their emotions just pouring out of them. Like a bucket of water and sadly, you become the sponge. For empaths, these emotions quickly reverberate into your own being and can make you feel sick and overcome with “social anxiety”.

You might feel lost like there is nothing you can do about it. But there are a few things you can do when you find yourself in one of those situations.

  1. Understand the Nature of Energy

When someone throws a stone at you and you throw a stone back, all you are doing is fueling the fire. We get back from the universe what we put out, so in the words of Gandhi,“When someone throws you a stone, throw back a flower.”

Whatever we put our attention on grows. And since energy feeds on energy, by changing your own thoughts about your situation you change the energetic response and find your own flow, snuffing out the fire so to say.

  1. Balance Your Energy

Understand that the energy you are passing through your own is not your and take back what is yours. If you are with only one person who is making you feel uncomfortable an exercise you may want to try is to reaffirm your own thoughts by simply thinking “this is not mine”. Then visualize that person’s energy being separated from your own. This can also be done in a crowd of people, it will require more focus and balance as there are many more players on the field. But, with practice, you can do this and balance yourself!

  1. Be Conscious

The more aware you are of your own self the more equipped you will find yourself to handling others. Be aware of your own thoughts so that you can consciously map out your own response to your thought processes, becoming an observer of your higher self.

The higher up the conscious latter you climb, the easier it is to see it all from a higher perspective so that you can free yourself.

  1. Develop Emotional Immunity

Empaths pick up on other peoples emotions and even their direct inner experience so rapidly that it is hard to identify what has happened. As a result, a large part of your anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and immune issues can belong not to you but to someone else. And just like your physical body and nervous system, your emotional body and immune system struggle with boundaries.

Practice interpersonal hygiene: using mindfulness, notice how you feel after spending time with others. You will soon learn which people are hazardous to your health, and you can limit your interactions with them.

  1. Visualize Your Shield Body

Visualize a shield of energy around yourself, see it as being radiant and complete. You may see it as a particular color. Some people see it as white or gold. Decide what color fits you best, and begin to see it that way. Imagine the shield body as flowing and moving, not static.

We are developing a shield here, not armor. It is good for you to be flexible, so you can let in what serves you best, and keep out what does not. Snap your fingers to hold it in place. Do this exercise regularly.


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