Animal Abusers Now Registered Similar To Sex Offenders

Many states have taken a very honorable stance against animal cruelty. They are requiring convicted animal abusers to register, much like offenders of sexual crimes. There are upsides to this new law, and of course there are downsides. Unfortunately, any offender listed has been given the opportunity to choose either to pay a fine, or to add their name to this registry. Along with names, this law also requires the offenders to list their addresses and provide a current photo of themselves. This should aid potential animal breeders, or anyone trusting in the integrity of someone who works with animals in any way in identifying a potential abuser. Sexual or animal, both types of offenders can be better avoided using this brilliant idea. The video below gives us a look at Florida’s plan for the registry….

Steven Shatkin who is currently the head of the “New Jersey Society for Prevention of Animal Cruelty” stated,

“There are different degrees of abuse. There are offenders who intentionally kill or torture animals, or who are engaged in dogfighting. On the other end of the spectrum, there are pet owners who have an inadequate doghouse. We wouldn’t want to paint both types of offenders with the same brush.”

 Counties in New York, New Jersey, Chicago and Florida have all implemented this registry thus far. How many other states are willing to join the fight against animal cruelty? Could you possibly get a petition signed by your neighborhood? If you think you could, go to this website and try your hand at making a difference. Do it for the animals! Share this post to spread awareness!


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