Severely Injured Dog Was Waiting To Die In A Hole… What Happens Next Is A MIRACLE!

This is the most impressive and emotional animal rescue and recovery I’ve seen. A poor dog, later named Kalu, was missing a large section of his face. The wound was severely infected and infested by maggots. Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India, received word of the situation and came to the rescue. They found Kalu inside of a hole at a construction site, where he was quietly waiting to die. It was one of the worst animal injuries the team had ever seen. Just as they were considering putting him down due to the severity of his injuries, something in Kalu’s spirit convinced them to give him a chance. What happens next is proof that ANYTHING is possible!

Check out the full rescue video below. If you’d like to donate to Animal Aid Unlimited, check out their website for more information. [Warning: Graphic Content]


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