Exposure To Narcissistic Abuse Found To Be Chief Cause Of Anxiety Disorders

It has been found that victims of aggressive and violent people and those who make use of abusive techniques in social environments can be affected by physical health issues too.

Individuals who are sensitive and emotionally intelligent make for the most common targets for such social abuse, since they are more prone to behaving like humanists, and therefore, more easy to be taken advantage of. Also, people who have less social means and those who are not powerful or influential are more likely to be targets.

If you reside in a home where abuse is prevalent, you can expect your health to decline and your self esteem to suffer. Being told that you are responsible for everything that goes wrong can cause your self identity to suffer. You may be unsure about whether or not, and how to react to such an abuse, and if feeling bad is justified or not. The abuse can range from being lied to, being cheated on, being a part of a love fraud, being verbally abused or even being beaten, sexually assaulted or threatened with murder. If you’re a victim of abuse, your mind and body may already be experiencing the symptoms associated with C-PTSD.


Individuals who face such abuse are also more likely to be affected by a form of Stockholm Syndrome which may make you bond over trauma with your abuser.

If you’re healthy and sane, and feel you’re a victim of abuse, start by trusting your instincts. If you discovered that your partner is cheating on you, and they start blaming you, do you really feel it is your fault? An abuser usually tries to convince you that it is your fault, and everything that you’re facing, is probably what you deserve. They may also physically assault you and then tell you that it is for your own good. If you start to believe them, you may be suffering from some form of adrenal fatigue, and may also start to experience social anxiety.

Most abusers love telling their victims that they are emotionally, socially and intellectually deficient. They stop at nothing to get a chance to abuse them, and when caught or confronted about such behavior, they start to play the victim card to get out of the situation. These social predators love to harm, dominate and humiliate other people.

Not only do the expect their victims to play along as their servant and keep supplying them with fuel for their narcissistic soul. Not just that, they also expect and demand complete obedience from their victim- it is more likely that they claim ownership and the right to toy with their victim both psychologically and emotionally on a regular basis.

People who get trapped in this cycle of abuse know that it is not right for them to be involved, but unless they are well educated about these things and know how to spot an abuser and not fall prey to their control tactics, they may give in to the false appeals and cloaked emotional abuse.


It has been found that people who are exposed to physical abuse, sexual abuse and verbal assaults tend to have stress related illnesses and extreme social anxiety. They may also experience confusion and may not be able to distinguish between the people who are actually good, and those who tend to bully or attack them.

If you suspect you are being harassed or bullied or being picked on by family members or at work or with friends, you may be feeling as if the entire weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Being around such individuals can seriously damage your health. Verbal assault tends to directly have an impact on the neurological system, and tends to affect the complex emotional reasoning centers of the brain. It may also lead to reduced organ function and chronic fatigue as a result of the increased secretion of toxic adrenal chemicals.

People who feel trapped by an abuser and think that they are unable to flee or held hostage by them may also develop life-threatening illnesses.

Another key point to remember is that abusers often tend to target such people who do not have social or humanitarian support so that they can get away with whatever they want to do. They tend to isolate their victim from any kind of support and then humiliate or frighten them.

Healthcare workers should attempt to understand that if a person affected by a stress related illness shows physical signs and symptoms as well, it could possibly due to emotional duress associated with the exposure to narcissistic abuse. Such situations need to be handled at the root level to ensure optimum healthcare.


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