Artist Captures the Sweet Feeling Of Living Alone in 13+ Honest Illustrations

Many people think that if someone lives alone they are inherently lonely, and would prefer to live with a partner or friend if it was an option. However, more and more individuals are choosing to live alone not because they have no other choice, but because it is their best choice.

Gone are the days when virtually all youths, teens, and tweens were constantly on the lookout for lifelong partners to begin building a family with as soon as possible. Truthfully, it made good sense to strive for these things in the past, since it was much easier to survive while living as part of a large family as opposed to living alone. But nowadays, long after the inventions of widely accessible running water, grocery stores, clothing stores, online employment, and global transportation, there are many situations in which individuals are genuinely much happier on their own.

In fact, depending on the characteristics of one’s friends and family members, in many cases there are more mental and physical health benefits to living alone as well. Not only can you decorate and arrange your home entirely as you think best, but you don’t need to deal with the stress of constantly interacting with someone else when you don’t want to. And, as alluded to, due to modern mass transportation and communication methods, connecting with someone else when you do become lonely only requires a few seconds or minutes.

This “new” modern lifestyle is precisely what painter, illustrator, and animator Yaoyao Ma Van As desires and represents. Bored Panda argues that her illustrations summarize the perks of living alone, most of which involve extremely high degrees of freedom. Checkout Yaoyao’s website and several of these illustrations below!


















*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here


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