See The First Baby Ever To Be Treated With Cannabis Oil At Children’s Hospital Colorado

An Albuquerque couple is fighting to save the life of their two month old daughter and today they made history in Colorado.

Little Amylea started having seizures just two days after coming home from the hospital. Her parents said she was having as many as 15 per day, and had to be resuscitated multiple times. Amylea was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy, and was placed on a myriad of medications to treat it. Her parents say that these medications can be highly damaging to the liver, so they started to research natural alternatives. After a lot of study and thought, they decided they wanted to try a form of therapy with hemp oil. At 2 months old, Amylea is the first and youngest baby to be treated with hemp oil in a hospital, and is now part of a case study looking into the benefits and possible long-term effects. Just a day after beginning the treatment Amylea’s mother, Nicole Nunez, said “She is a lot more alert today, she is looking around today and following our faces when we talk to her’ and whereas before when we talked to her she did not react at all.”


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