For Months, This Teen Suffered With Severe Back Pain. This Chiropractor’s Help Shocked Even Him!

He Had So Much Back Pain He Couldn’t Stand Up Straight. Watch This 17-Year-Olds Amazing 2 WEEK Recovery That Gave His Life Back.

17-year-old Muntathar had dreams of walking across the graduation stage proud and tall, but a recent back injury threatened to steal those dreams away.

After visiting the hospital and emergency room 9 different times with no solutions offered, Mun was beginning to lose all hope. In April 2015, Mun contacted an Australian chiropractor with hopes that he may be able to find some relief from his excruciating pain that was stealing his life away. After just two weeks of intensive therapy shown in this video this young man had a chance to live a normal life again. His family was in tears at the sight of his rapid and amazing recovery. Dr. Ian, the chiropractor that helped Mun, is an inspiring example of the impact of those who dedicate their lives to learning proper healing methods, and how one person can change lives. The technique Dr. Ian used is called Gonstead Chiropractic  Method, to learn more about it and clinical studies that have been conducted click here.


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