The Reason Why She Stripped Down For The Camera Will Bring You To Tears

This one hit home for me because I can relate 100%. When I hit my teens, I began hating every inch of my body, to the point where I would hide my face behind my hair and could not stand wearing sleeveless shirts or shorts. Not because I thought I was fat, but because I was ashamed of my tiny figure and pale skin. I know this isn’t a common issue to be self-conscious about, but the emotions and self-sabotage that come with any form of self-consciousness affect us all the same.

In this touching video, Kate Maree O’Brien shares with us her own journey and the reason why she decided to do a naked photoshoot. This message is beyond powerful and I truly hope it gets shared far and wide so that young women (and men too) can be spared of the same needless suffering Kate, myself and billions of other women went through.


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