Become the Master of Your Reality in a Matter of Seconds

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” ~ Barbara Marciniak


Have you ever heard that old cliche’ saying “life is what you make it”? If you have, maybe you brushed it off as pure silliness, or maybe, on the contrary, you took it to heart, and if you did, you have made the first step towards becoming the master of your own destiny.

I know, I know, it sounds way too simple, right? Well, that is the beauty in simplicity. Everything that you need to know is already inside of you because you are filled with divine energy. That energy inside of you permeates throughout the entire universe and connects you to everything around you. Animals, people, trees, and stars are all composed of the same divine energy that you are and because of that, we are all an extension of one another.

Your surroundings constantly confirm what you have created inside of yourself, and your will carries that inner divine energy and manifests it into the world. When you decide that you want to become a better person, and you set out towards that goal, visualize it, and make it happen, the only outcome is that everything will fall into line. As a part of the creative energy that makes up the entire universe, you too are a creator, and the energy and thoughts that occur from within also find their way throughout the rest of the universe as well.

Pretty amazing, right?

While it may seem like common sense, many of us have been shut off from this aspect of ourselves because oftentimes we are told by society that we are powerless. You may feel like you have to just ride the waves of a destiny that someone else created because that is just the way it is. Do not buy into this. You must know that you are never a victim of outside circumstances and that you are the only one who can make any change in yourself, and in your life. Trust in yourself, and your inner creator.

These following 5 perspective enhancers are an amazing way to begin working towards a more powerful you. What you actively place in your conscious mind will always find its way into your sub-conscious mind, so in order to go about creating true change in your life, the planting of seeds must begin there.

1. Make Everything An Opportunity or Life Lesson, Even Tragedy

Sometimes, when horrible things happen in our lives it is hard to think about how the situation can push us forward in our lives to a better place. Each occurrence in our life is meant to teach us a lesson or help us to move on to a better state of being. Although we are creating situations in our lives, we cannot consciously blueprint each moment of our lives, because there is other creative energy at work in the universe. What we can do, is respond to these moments with positivity and alter the present to create a better future.


2. Go With Your Bodies Natural Emotional Cycles

Our mind is much more intelligent than we give it credit for, and our brain produces the correct responses to situations that are necessary for our own personal evolution. When you hold in these responses and bottle them up, the cycle never completes, and it will keep restarting over and over again until you let it end. Let your mind feel the response, without feeding it any further energy. Once it is done, let it be done, and move on. These responses heal us and prepare us for what is next.

3. Intentions are Everything

Wayne Dyer once said that our intentions create our reality, and nothing could be truer. Our intention shapes our will, and creates the energy that our bodies manifest. Our intentions create the path that the universal creative energy along wth our own creative energy uses to bring our will into reality.

It is good to note that it is best to not base your intentions of specifics, such as wishing for a lover with brown hair, a $100,000 salary, and a mansion. Instead, wish for a love that works in sync with who you aspire to become, and the love that you need in the given moment. Wish simply. This allows outside forces to go to work and sometimes surprise you with something that you didn’t quite foresee in the future.


4. Good Vibes to All!

If you held the power to do anything in the world, what would it be? You would probably start by helping out your families, communities, and those who are in need. Send blessings to everyone, because we are all connected, and what you put out into that energy field that surrounds you and permeates from within will indeed come back. Similar to polluting your environment, pollution in the field of energy is just as toxic if not more, and who needs that in their way?


5. Be Thankful!

When you are blessed, acknowledge it, and understand it. Say it out loud, whether to a person or even to a situation or a vibe. Even in moments that bring you down, know that even in that moment, the universe is providing you with an opportunity to learn and evolve, and be thankful for it!


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