Bad Posture? 15 Minutes With This Will Change Your Life. What It Does Is Amazing!

I love my job, but sadly it requires me to sit a lot in front of a computer. Along with making lifestyle changes such as adding more breaks to my work sessions and physical exercise to my daily routine, I have been looking for a way to help me maintain a good posture while I sit. Now you’ve probably heard of ergonomic chairs, standing desks or sitting on a yoga ball… but I’m not quite ready to pay the price of an entirely new chair or commit to standing for an hour. I want something that can help my back realign itself while I can put all my focus on my work, and not on strain and discomfort. Well it seems I got the answer to my prayers while scrolling facebook this morning! Check out BetterBack for an effortlessly perfect posture, easing back pain and a variety of health issues caused by poor posture. [Scroll down for the video]



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