Can Plant Medicines “Jump Start” Your Awakening Process?

The information of natural highs can sometimes be considered occult wisdom whereas the use of plant medicines to achieve these states is considered mainstream but taboo. The secrets of unlocking your mind & hearts potential are seen as occult because in order for the wisdom to be truly understood it takes a mind that is willing to accept self-discipline and a heart that’s motivated to stay focused on being truly connected with your self-awareness and everything you experience externally to you. This is the main reason the western civilizations have gravitated toward the “teaser trailer” like experience of the psychedelic journey. According to users who’ve partaken, it gives you a taste of the mind expanded state which normally can only be found by advance states of meditation. This, by process of familiarity, could make you more adept to seeing the deeper aspects of life even without being in an altered state.

These two videos represent the left and right brain perspectives of how the use of plant derived substances can alter the prospective of someones awakening process.

This video is what we call the right brain perspective.
Video made By Aubrey Marcus

This is what we call the left brain perspective.

This is the experience of a man who has taken plant medicines and speaks with a more grounded prospective on how it changed his prospective. Interesting story too.

The experience clearly isn’t a replacement for traditional meditation or other spiritual practices but for those who aren’t naturally drawn to meditation, it appears that the substance assisted journey has provided some people with a way to become quickly familiar with deeper aspects of their mind and to temporarily experience some of the benefits of deeper meditation that have been written in ancient traditions around the world.  Meditation and spiritual practices such as pranayam, kriya yoga, and kundalini yoga have a proven track record of being able to produce trip identical experiences once one becomes deeply familiar with those practices.

Remember, in the context of exploration of deeper states of consciousness (not healing) it’s only a trailer, only a sample of what’s possible if you pay for the experiences with personal spiritual practice. By notion of gravitation by familiarity, once you taste these expanded states of mind, you should be able to easier re-experience the feeling (from the prospective of your personal control, the body creates chemical states based on how you feel) that allows for you to explore the higher realms of consciousness. Not only that but with the discipline and a heart coated with wisdom, you will more likely understand what these experiences of consciousness really mean during your spiritual journey in total.



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