He Healed His Cancer By Giving Unconditionally… And It’s Working!

When he was diagnosed with a rare type of stomach cancer, Brice Royer’s doctor told him that “love and kindness is the world’s best medicine” – a pretty unconventional prescription for a trained doctor. Brice took the advice and has been performing random acts of kindness even since, such as raising money to build a home for a woman and her daughter.

His latest pay-it-forward act uplifted an entire Vancouver restaurant, where he noticed a man with a bright and cheerful energy who was smiling at everyone he came across. Brice told him he couldn’t help but notice how radiant and happy he is, payed for his meal and gave him a coupon for Unconditional Love that he created after his Craigslist ad “selling unconditional love for $0” went viral last year. The man was so grateful and announced that he would pay it forward by paying for everyone’s lunch. “It uplifted the entire restaurant and his gift inspired others to pay it forward too,” Brice said.

The following text is taken from Brice’s facebook page, where he updates us on his story, and the culmination of his experience thus far.

Brice’s Story

YAY! I AM NOW CANCER FREE! My doctor said my tumour SHRUNK and my MRI results are “unexplainable by western science.” No surgery, chemo or medication! You can watch the video on the Vancouver Sun! I read studies that love and kindness is the world’s best medicine. Unfortunately, I can’t buy love or kindness at the pharmacy. So my treatment was doing random acts of kindness for a year without expecting anything in return. I thought it could heal my depression and loneliness. I wrote a Craigslist’s ad offering “Unconditional Love for $0” that surprisingly went viral and reached millions of people in days. I offered my time and energy, which was very limited, at the service of anyone who reached out. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. There was no guarantee of survival.

After years of suffering, being in and out of a wheelchair, and contemplating suicide…I am now free!

If this won’t inspire us to become more loving, kind and compassionate beings (I believe we all are at our core), I don’t know what will! If Brice’s story touched you, please share the love and pay it forward!


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