Cancer Doctor Who Gave Chemo To Healthy Patients Is Sentenced

Dr.Farid Fata misdiagnosed and recommended unnecessary chemotherapy treatment to patients, gaining millions in insurance money.

There are many who now suffer from health issues because of the treatments they received. Dr. Fata was also found guilty of over dosing patients in order to gain more money from the insurance companies. He was said to have administer at LEAST 2,000 unnecessary chemotherapy treatments.

One patient lost all of his teeth, others ended up with chronic body pains, weakness in joints and muscles, and some even met their death. Over 550 patients were seen and treated by Dr. Fata. Victims and their families were fighting for a 115 year sentence and felt the 45 year sentence given was a horrible “slap in the face” to all those that suffered.

Watch this video to see testimony from the courtroom, and  from those patients who lives were affected by this mans greed.


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