Cannabis Courses Are Now Offered At Universities Across The Country

Whether its Marijuana Law classes, or Cannabis Business 101 the demand for Cannabis related courses is increasing throughout the country. With 9 universities already offering classes, and Marijuana on the brink of legalization, this may just be the beginning of a new world of subjects offered at higher education institutes. Here are two news reports from Fox and CBS that give some perspective from the Professors at some of these universities where the classes are taking place.

“I would like to imagine a world when all law students have to take it because it’s that important but right now it’s an elective and it’s very popular,”  -Doug Berman, Professor of Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform, at Moritz College of Law in Ohio.

Picture Courtesy of Denver Colorado MarijuanaLaw Student - Reddit
Picture Courtesy of Colorado Student from

Some of the topics covered in one of Denvers Canna-Business classes are real estate, taxes, banking, contract, criminal defense, regulatory compliance, and multidisciplinary practices relating to the industry. “I don’t know of anyone who’s teaching anything like this,” said Sam Kamin, creator of  Business course, to the Denver Post. Kamin stresses the importance of learning the business and legal basics in their relation to industry and government. This class also offers students a chance to hear from a handful of businesses in the industry, as well as their lawyers.


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