This Bull Has Been Chained His Whole Life. What He Does After Being Freed Is Beyond Words!

Bandit is a sweet and loving bull that has lived his whole life chained up in a narrow stable, along with 500 fellow cows, bulls and calves. Thanks to the efforts of the Gut Aiberbichl farm animal sanctuary in Austria, Bandit and his friends have been rescued from these heartbreaking conditions. In the video below, Bandit prances and dances in joyful exhilaration after living a life bound by chains. And wait until you see the gratitude he demonstrates to Christian, his rescuer!

It is in seeing videos like this that I grow more and more convinced of the fact that every creature on earth deserves freedom, love and respect. I see and feel no difference in the joy, love and gratefulness of this bull than in the joy, love and gratefulness of a human being. It’s time we all expand our sphere of compassion to all living beings! P.S. You might need to grab a few tissues before pressing play…


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