Watch Low-Income Kids Choose Between a Christmas Gift For Their Parents or Themselves

If you have ever been low on money during the holidays then you know how hard it can be. Especially for families with young children. Although money is not what makes any holiday special giving gifts is a tradition this time of year and it can leave some feeling left out. These children come from low income families in Atlanta, some of which can not afford even a Christmas tree. They were asked what they wanted most for Christmas this year, and then surprised with exactly what they asked for. The catch was they were also given a gift that was their parent’s ideal present, and they could only choose one. Watch the video below and find out what happened. The emotions that come out towards the end will give you all the feels, have a tissue handy!

In the end UPtv said 80% of the participants chose to give the gift to their parents. As a surprise, UPtv let them keep the both of the gifts regardless. It was beautiful to hear the children’s genuine appreciation for their parents, and the emotions brought up by being able to give mom and dad something back. <3

christmas gifts


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