Company Behind DAPL Rounds Up Wild Buffaloes, Keeps Them Without Food Or Water [Watch]

Since the beginning of the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, there has been a battle taking place in an attempt to protect the sacred lands belonging to the Sioux tribe. Throughout this battle, the Sioux natives have endured so many brutal attacks against them as a people, and this incident is no different.

The protests that have been taking place in order to thwart the construction of the DAPL have drawn the attention of thousands of additional protesters from around the world. The area that they are protesting over, is home to more than 8,000 members of the native tribe.

They have merely asked that the treaties that are currently in place be respected, as they fear the pipeline could possibly destroy the water and environments surrounding the intended construction area. The “water protectors” as they have been called have endured so much cruel treatment due to their protest, and have been viciously attacked by riot police and their dogs. Unfortunately, the cruelty has not stopped at just the protesters.

The video that we have provided at the bottom of this article shows wild buffalo that have been rounded up into a razor wire fence, that also is surrounded by an 8-foot trench. Various reports have additionally noted that threats have been made by the pipeline company to slaughter the animals in order to construct the pipeline.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has posted on Facebook that,

“It has been reported that wild buffalo are being corralled and held behind razor wire fencing without food or water near the Dakota Access Pipeline – and that there have been threats of killing the buffalo by the construction company.”

Thankfully, the ALDF is now investigating this horrendous account. We can only hope that these animals are saved from this torture and that the ones who are responsible are brought to justice. It only continues to show us the horrific lengths that this corporation will go to in order to achieve their pipeline.


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