Conscious Awareness Being Taught In High Schools And The Results Are Amazing!

I don’t know about you, but in my adult life, I have never had to use geometry once… yet I experience emotions and challenges every day.

If school is designed to prepare you for life… then why not teach actual life skills?

School, for me, has been a period of stress, struggle, low self-esteem and pressure to bend into something I am not, and I am sure many of us can relate. If only there has been some sort of support and guidance system in which students could be reminded of the basics of self-love and given tools to help navigate difficult emotions and life challenges!

Well this could become a reality in 1,000 or more schools around the world with Tiger Singleton, aka Tigmonk’s Self-Love & Conscious Life Skills curriculum for high school students with your support!

Tigmonk has been working with high school students in the form of extensive workshops and weekly classes in a Southern Oregon High School with great success, and is now further developing, testing and refining his teaching in the form of an educational curriculum with the goal of sharing it with 1,000 schools & teachers around the world for Free during the 2016/17 school year.

“So far, quite honestly, my heart has exploded with enthusiasm for this project.  The impact it has had on youth and teachers, is beyond what anyone thought it would be when we started.  This is the fire that keeps us going. The feedback we continue to receive not only locally, but around the world is monumental. There is a clear and conscious call from our collective family that we begin to engage education in this way.  It is vital that within our educational system, there is an opportunity to address the real-life connection we each have within ourselves and with the world.  The time is now.” – Tiger Singleton

This curriculum offers a total of 15 hours of class material designed to be taught 1 hour per week, for about 15 weeks. It also comes with LifeWork Assignments that challenge the students to apply the wisdom discovered in class and reflect on their own life experiences. In addition to this, the curriculum is accompanied by 30 fully produced videos that not only offer training for students, but training for teachers as well! By helping the teachers themselves become happier and more heart-centered individuals, it will automatically create a better and more inspiring learning environment for the students.


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This idea is more than just a nice thing to do for the kids. Kids who retain their uniqueness, creative spark and joy for life, kids who don’t fall for the illusion that there is something “wrong” with them because they are somehow different, kids who love themselves and bloom into who they are meant to be… are the future adults that will change the world into a more beautiful, purposeful and loving place.

“So far we are a very small team, with a fire in our hearts to see Love shared in this way. In this, we walk into the unknown and trust. We are open to all possibilities of what might or might not happen, and the best we can do is walk in the direction of our deepest sincerity. We humbly ask for your help and assistance in maximizing this effort. We are all working on this project without pay, putting in many many hours to see this opportunity bloom into the world in which we live. Ugh.. I’m getting that classic lump in my throat as I write this part. The Love in this project, is massive; just so massive.” – Tiger Singleton

If you believe in this project, please support their crowdfunding campaign to make it a reality!


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