He Created A Breathtaking Garden After She Lost Her Eyesight… The Result – Is A Miracle

Unconditional love…

I consider unconditional love, to be one of the Universe’s most unpredictable, and powerful expressions.

This garden, located in Shintomi Town in the Miyazaki Prefecture, attracts over 7,000 visitors on some days; from late April through March. It’s solely based on private property, and the story behind this garden, truly touched my heart and inner-being.


Their Story

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki were married in 1956, as a young couple, they purchased this 3.95-square yard of land shortly afterwards, making it into a dairy farm.

The work wasn’t easy.

They both worked together, rising early and resting late in the day, over and over – for many years. Though toiling and difficult work, it proved to be rewarding, as they would also raise two children on this plot of land. Together, this family would attend to 60 heads of cattle on a daily basis. Mr and Mrs. Koruki, would envision one day, retiring and earning enough funds to take a well earned trip around the beautiful country of Japan afterwards.

Until, the unexpected struck…

After 30 years of marriage, at the age of 52, Mrs. Koruki would be diagnosed with diabetes. One week later, she would lose her eyesight. This completely devastated her.

Staring into the face of immobility, their life-long goal and vision, of taking their tour around Japan would falter. She became very secluded after that. Mr. Koruki, could only watch as the bright face, that had always brought him great joy; evaporated, almost over-night. This pained him deeply.

The Shibazakura Idea


One day, Mr. Koruki glanced at a shibazakura flower, that was growing in the garden. He had a sudden realization – the flower can be greatly appreciated not just through sight, but through smell. If he planted enough of these beautiful plants, his beloved wife could enjoy not only the smell, but perhaps, maybe visitors could visit as well!

This would surely put a smile upon her face.

Mr. Koruki, would work endlessly, for two entire years, just to lay down the foundation of the flower-bed that would be required for a garden of this magnitude… chopping down trees, tending to the young plants knowing that soon, their home would be surrounded in a fine sea, of pink-flowers.

After more than a decade since the first seeds were sewn, thousands of visitors flock to the property, to witness the breathtaking creation of love, and get a chance to meet Mr. and Mrs. Koruki, who can be seen wandering their wonderland.

This picture, clearly depicts the results of Mr. Koruki’s labor of love.


If you are seeking a heart-felt destination to visit, this would be the place.

Love is truly is an unstoppable force, and this empowering example, shows that no matter what gets thrown at you, it can always be an opportunity to grow – while also creating your own reality.

Below is a very brief video, showing more of the flowers, and truly capturing the energy of this beautiful place.

Thank you for reading.


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