CT Scan Reveals That Statue of the Buddha Is Actually a Mummy

Last year the statue was released from China for the first time and put on display at Drents Museum of the Netherlands.  Later it was taken to Meander Medical Center, where it received a CT scan that clearly showed the mummified body inside.

Monk Mummy
Photo Credit Jan van Esch / Meander Medisch Centrum

An endoscopy was performed that identified mummified remains as Buddhist master Liuquan of the Chinese Meditation School. Another interesting discovery was made, within the mummy in the space where there had one been organs,  paper scraps imprinted with ancient Chinese characters were found.

Mummy Monk
Photo Credit Jan van Esch / Meander Medisch Centrum

Samples of bones were taken for DNA testing, and the research will be published in a monograph that will appear about Master Liuquan. The mummy is currently visiting Hungary, and will be on display at the Hungarian Natural History Museum until May 2015.



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