Study Shows Daily Meditation Makes Schools Less Violent & More Productive (Video)

I remember the days when I was in school but those days have past and even though its only been about 10 years, a lot has changed! Modern technology has truly effected the attention span and concepts of human interaction our youth choose to embody. In these two troubled schools a reoccurring theme of bad grades, skipping class, violence, and intense stress was a daily experience for many students. With principals at the end of their rope and teachers having the highest turn over rates in the county, these schools decided to try something a little different. A daily program called “quiet time” in which students meditated for 10-15 minutes at the start and end of each day. The results were absolutely amazing, and hearing the children’s personal experiences really inspired me to spread this message. Watch the video and see for yourself the changes that were made in these San Francisco, and Detroit schools.

Here is an example from the city of San Francisco, California

And now look at what was done in the city of Detroit.

It’s clear that education should have included a means of mindfulness from the beginning but we need to remember the society we live in is constantly growing and nothing is set in stone. Its up to you to spread the message so that more mind can be exposed to the truth behind meditation in schools.

Resources & Downloads for Meditation in Schoolses


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