Depression and Creativity are Linked


For all of you that don’t want to feel, know this:
It hurts to be born.
There is beauty in sadness and it is a rebirth,
an assembling of limbs,
of energy into matter,
of the particles combining to make something new,
and yet… there is the reluctance
to change.
The ache in your muscles and in your heart is there for a reason:
It hurts to be born.
But then you are on the other side
visiting worlds,
You are the true explorers of the universe
in this dimension,
Those of you who dare
to feel
discomfort and pain, knowing
it will lead to greater joy than you ever imagined.
despite that pain,
you do not fully crumble,
you do not fall without rising,
and if you stumble
you get up and find a way
In your heart there is a question:
How much better can it get?
and this drives you
day by day by day. 


Here is a video by songwriter and singer Shi that perfectly illustrates this point. Don’t be afraid to feel. It will guide you. 


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