Depression, Natural Cycles, and Redefining our Experience

How often have you heard that depression is bad?  Have you or someone you were close to experienced depression?  Have you struggled to understand why everything in your body and mind is screaming for seclusion and slowing down?  What if I were to tell that you that there is something very natural that we humans experience called ‘natural compression’?

If you look at the world around us so much of it is in cycles.  Cycles such as the sun rising and setting, seasons changing, the growth and decay of living things, and innumerable other events.  These cycles are a normal part of life and experience on our earth.

There are other cycles, those of our physical bodies too.  Some of these cycles are noticeable, such as the need for sleep each night, and others are more behind the scenes, such as the birth, growth, and death of our cells.

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There are also emotional cycles that we experience as humans.  You may notice times where you feel lighter and full of energy, time of anger, and other times when time seems to be moving more slowly and you are more tired.  These cycles are normal but that does not mean that we have to be victims to our cycles.  We can, in fact, learn to master each cycle and experience the highs, lows, times of anger, and peace with grace and awareness.

One of the most powerful first steps in getting a new hold on your natural cycles is to change how you define them.  The words you use to describe an experience can really change what it is that you experience.

For example visualize a child who while running around the yard loses his footing and stumbles to his hands and knees.  The child, unfamiliar with this new experience, turns to his parents to decide how he should react.  The child is not hurt badly and is only experiencing minor discomfort from the fall.


Often times depending on how the parents react will leave a long lasting impression on the child and influence how he reacts from that point until he is much older.  If the parents experience panic the child will likely also panic.  If the parents address the concern with calm awareness the child will learn to do the same.  These two very different reactions are mostly guided by the definitions we assign to the experience we are having.

We do not know the long term ramifications of what happens to us.  Who knows if something is truly good or bad?  We can learn so much from what many would consider a ‘negative’ or ‘bad’ experience.

The same can be said about ‘natural compression’.  Who is to say that it isn’t part of the human experience to have times of expansion, and high social activity, and then to follow that up with a time period of inner exploration and meditation.

If our emotions were muscles it would be normal to rest and heal a muscle after an extended time of use.  Why are we not permitted to do the same with our thoughts, emotions, and social expressions?  The answers we are looking for can be found through trusting our own intuition, but there lies the problem many of us face.  For many of us trusting our own intuition hasn’t been encouraged throughout most of our lives.  Who better to understand what we need and are going through then ourselves.

IntuitionIf we are truly in tune with ourselves it is my belief that we will not allow ourselves to cycles ‘too low’.  We will naturally know that part of healing involves times of being active, continually eating healthy, getting sunlight, seeking the companionship of a close friend, spending time in nature, and developing a good relationship with ourselves.

Bashar is an incredible messenger that brings powerful insight into this wonderful concept.  He shows us how powerful it can be to redefine depression and empower our now experience.  Please enjoy this wonderful video message from Bashar.

What are your experiences with natural cycles such as expansion and compression?  Do you feel that changing the definition can change the experience?  Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below and thank you for reading.

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