This Family Contacted an Animal Psychic to Save This Black Leopard… This Story is Chilling

A Story of Tragedy Turned Triumph: That Can Also Challenge Your Beliefs

Ex-Policeman turned animal conservationist, Jurg Olson, started the Jukani National Park. Mistreated predator cats from bad zoos or hunting-farms, are saved from their harsh situation and given life-time care and a home at the refuge.

Jurg has been around animals his entire life, and could handle all of his animals well: except one.

Diablo, a gorgeous black leopard, actually sent Jurg to the hospital with one bite, within one week of having him at the refuge.

Desperate for help, the narrator of this story convinced Jurg to bring in Anna Breytenbach, an inter-species communicator.

This video is very emotional and powerful near the end, as is the main character – Spirit.

Watch below.


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