Detox Your Body With This Simple Self-Massage You Can Do Anywhere (Video)

detox massage The lymphatic system is often compared to the sewage system of our bodies, playing a huge role in detoxing the unwanted materials.


Source: LiveScience
Source: LiveScience (click for downloadable version)

Here are 3 important facts you should know about your lymphatic  system.

  1. It plays a huge role in our immune system. It not only clears out unwanted material via clear liquid but also helps us fight off various fatal diseases by killing the germs and harmful substances.
  2. The lymph system acts as a sort of highway for white blood cells. Keeping them open and clear allows these white blood cells to be delivered efficiently.
  3. It is one of the only systems in our body that needs to be pumped manually. Unlike our blood, or breathing it is not something that the body will do all on is own. It requires our help!


One easy and effective way of detoxing your lymphatic system is to perform a specially designed self massage. You will likely feel the fluids beginning to clear after performing these. I have added two very helpful videos with different techniques. Take a look!

Let me know how you feel after trying these detoxifying massages!


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