Did You Know They Make Gemstone Countertops? You’ll Want One When You See Them!

Not just meals are served in the kitchen, as in most homes the kitchen creates a center in the household filled with cherished memories and love. As one of the most high-traffic areas in the typical American home, wouldn’t the next best addition be your favorite gemstone?

Gemstone countertops that are made from various real gemstones including Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Onyx, and Citrine are composed with a resin base and make the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Gemstones are not only beautiful and sturdy materials that are stain and heat resistant, they also provide non-porous surfaces that are easy to sanitize and clean, making your kitchen beyond better than before.

Gemstones also are believed to hold energetic properties which work as a magnet for specific forms of energy. Adding these energetic properties to your favorite family room is a perfect way to benefit from yet another one of Mother Nature’s wonderful surprises, and you can purchase the stone that you feel meets your needs best based on its energetic benefits.



Amethyst belongs to the quartz family, however, it is separated from the quartz with its deep royal purple hue. When light hits the stone you will see various tones of rich and luxurious shades of purple. This stone is also quite sturdy and will hold up year after year. Amethyst is known for increasing courage, and intuition, along with creativity. As a spiritual color, it has been used for ages to assist in connecting to our own inner divine light.



Clear quartz amplifies light, and at some points reflects a rainbow of color in the light. The stone is very hard and resilient and has purifying properties. Known as a healing stone by various spiritual paths, it is also considered a motivator for action.

Tiger’s Eye


Tiger’s eye is a beautiful stone, that is laden with various shades of amber, brown and gold. Not only is it filled with beautiful natural colors, it is also the perfect stone to help you concentrate. As a stabilizing stone, it aids in the soothing of those who encounter anxiety issues. Bonus: It is also a protection and good luck stone!!

Jungle Jasper


Jungle Jasper holds a green color that is perfect for a natural color theme in your kitchen. Spots of dark green meshed perfectly with darker shades of green bring together a perfect mosaic of neutral colors that will make your kitchen your new favorite room (if it wasn’t already!) These colors work to bring tranquility into your home and also inspire inner peace and happiness on a deeper level.



If you are looking for a stone that will shake up your current color scheme, this peacock blue stone is the stone for you. Elegant and wild, this stone looks best with dark-colored wooden cabinets.  And not only are the colors contained in this stone beautiful, the energies are as well. Typically, this stone is used for enhancement of cognition, and it works to bring out the best in people. When used in a business atmosphere, it helps to bring your focus back to your work, and your customer.

With so many stones to choose from, it is simple to not only add visual quality to your kitchen but also to enhance the entire atmosphere of your home. Each stone contains its own color scheme, so matching the new countertop to your current kitchen decor is made that much easier. To make these enchanting countertops even better, each color scheme provides the hearth of your home with beautiful and positive energies that will magnify the happiness in your home based on your needs. What else could be a better addition to your home?


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